O.J. Simpson Hits Las Vegas Bar, Chats w/ 2 Blondes [Celebrity Stalking]

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O.J. Simpson Gets Flirty w/ Blondes At

O.J. Simpson was all smiles this weekend as he was spotted trying to ‘shoot his shot’. The former famed NFL’er was spotted having drinks and chatting with two blonde women at a Las Vegas bar.

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The recently paroled 70-year-old sipped a martini, while he was spied fully engulfed in a conversation inside the Grape Street Wine Bar & Cellar.

Earlier this month, Simpson was released from a Nevada prison. He spent close to nine years, incarcerated for the 2007 robbery of two memorabilia dealers at a Sin City casino.

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  • gellie

    Them cave beasts have never stopped feenin for the Juice. Ninja been out of jail 5 minutes…here they come.

    • PlayGirl

      Lol! IKR. People can’t get mad him because they are coming to him.

  • Djphoenix

    How do they know he’s shooting his shot? They could be arguing. It doesn’t look like it was necessarily positive.

  • morrow

    I sure the blondes have gotten older than what he likes but they will send him right back to prison. He is a real fool if he thinks that he won’t be set up by those whites that he love so much. If his ex had been a black woman, he would not been in as much trouble. He had better do the Robert Blake and just go away. Blake killed his wife and got away with it and he disappeared from the face of this earth, but this fool loves the camera.