Tamar Braxton Going Through Midlife Crisis, According To Husband Vince Herbert

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Tamar Braxton Going Through Midlife Crisis, According To Husband Vince Herbert ['Tamar & Vince' Trailer]

Tamar Braxton Going Through Midlife Crisis

Tamar Braxton (40) and Vincent Herbert’s (44) marriage drama is front and center on season five of their WE tv reality show, ‘Tamar & Vince’.

In the teaser, the singer and reality star recalls being fired from ‘The Real’, and says that her final album, Bluebird of Happiness,

Has everything to do with finding myself.

She adds,

It started off being inspired by my parents’ divorce. And then it turned into my own life.

Throughout the teaser, tensions are at an all time high between Tamar and Vince, who is the singer’s manager. Vince tells the camera,

I think Tamar is going through a midlife crisis. 

Tamar responds during an explosive argument,

What am I supposed to do? Let me manage myself. Don’t worry about it.

In another scene, Vince tells his wife that she’s

Hard to manage.

At the end of the trailer, it appears that Tamar moves and even takes off her wedding ring.

See the trailer below.

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  • takenaback

    Makes me wonder if this fake news with a long line of reality stars pretending to be ready to divorce

  • Jessica Daymone

    watch Tamar gonna end up dating or sleeping with some other “celebrity” and he gonna talk about how she really is and then people are gonna go in on him and call him a F%$ boi for blasting her generic arse behavior and attitude. then people gonna say well Vince did call her out on it before.
    Don’t get me wrong I like me some Tamar but y’all know she eeexxtrrraa

  • Darnell Williams

    Tamar is going through a midlife crisis.. she wanna be 21 again….ole 40 year old ass woman

  • Nancy Stevenson

    Tamar got a little fame and now she’s ready and ABLE to get rid of her husband.

  • Toni Coleman

    I like Tamar… but Vince is correct she is hard to manage, hard to please, hard to get along with. Grow up Tamar ur a woman raising a child not that spoiled brat that ur husband and parents raised.

  • Tricia Linda Millz

    We know you was hood before all the fame and money .Slow down.Cuz you looking crazy.You are hard to manage and you still act like a child.