R.Kelly Victim Writes Tell-All Book, Chapter Called ‘Are You Getting Peed On?’

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R.Kelly Victim Writes Tell-All Book, Chapter Called 'Are You Getting Peed On?'

R.Kelly, Kitti Jones

R.Kelly Victim Writing Tell-All Book

Kitti Jones, the woman who claimed to be physically abused by R.Kelly while dating him, has reportedly wrote a book about her experience. Last month, she made headlines, claiming that she and the singer dated from 2011 – 2013. Jones, who was a radio personality, alleged that Kelly was often physically abusive, forced her to have sex and even attempted to starve her at one point, all in an effort to control her.

She says she ended the relationship back in 2013. She has penned a book called, ‘I Was Somebody Before This.’ In the book, she writes:

As I sat in the Chicago studio room my head started to feel dizzy, I hadn’t eaten in two days , he had me on punishment, and thoughts of my life and how I got here? I was smart, ambitious, and independent I went from small tv roles like Soul Train , The Parkers, having a successful radio career, great family, and friends. I had just toured 30 cities with R.Kelly , living in Chicago with him and I wanted to kill myself .

R.Kelly Victim Writes Tell-All Book, Chapter Called 'Are You Getting Peed On?'

She continued,

As I looked around the room for something to end my life I cried I wanted to blame God, someone for not stopping me from moving to Chicago but the only thing I could find were Excedrin PM headache pills, I took a few hoping It will make me fall asleep fast. I wanted to dream I was back home happy again all I remembered was that … I was somebody before this… and I wanted my life back!

The book has ten chapters, with titles like ‘Are you getting peed on?’, ‘She Looks A lot Like the Girl from that Sex Tape’ and ‘Always Call Me A Daddy‘. The book retails for $10.99 and is available on Amazon.

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  • Sharon Shay Williams

    nope not buying it you knew who and what he was about from the door you aint getting my coins for being stupid

  • Syclane Brown

    You and all the others wanted R KELLY. You werent blind or deaf to what he liked.GOD had nothing to do with you leaving DALLAS. You was a slezzy woman trying to b MRS. KELLY for fortune and fame. You enjoyed every minute of what he was doing. Until you couldnt keep up with the pleasures and he moved on.. What R Kelly you said he did, you had done it before. Go get a job and think of thememories. As BARRY WHITE song lyrics WE HAD WHAT WE HAD NOW ITS OVER go find another freak. I think R KELLY is a man with sex appeal. And because he is BLACK you BLACK WHORES want to take him down.