Kenya Moore: I married for love not for cameras.

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Kenya Moore: I married for love not for cameras.

Kenya Moore Defends Private Wedding

Kenya Moore is happily married and she is 100% okay with her special moment not being on reality TV. This week, the season premiere for Real Housewives of Atlanta aired and the reality star continues to make it clear that her marriage is not up for public consumption. Explaining why she opted to keep her wedding ceremony away from the reality TV cameras she says,

My wedding was incredibly beautiful, intimate and PRIVATE…that’s what we wanted. I married for love not for cameras. I met a man who was so special to me I would have married him at the courthouse.My marriage is sacred to me and my My Aunt Lori, Brandon, my sister Lisa and best friend of 30 years all attended for my side.

She continued,

My husband and I always planned to have a bigger wedding in June. I love my father dearly and he will walk me down the aisle.

“What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.”

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As previously reported, Kenya and husband Marc Daly said ‘I Do’ this past June in St. Lucia. Click here for the photos.

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  • CallMeCocoa

    Hate to say it but I smell the fakery from my midwest window. Sorry.

  • Coco Mcluvin

    I imagine Kenya married in private and away from cameras because she dare not allow her marriage to be disrespected the same way she did everyone else’s.

  • Deb Dyson

    I wish she would shut up already. She is so damn corny, she married for love not camera’s that is so lame. Then she should get her a$$ of tv and go be with him.

  • Black Barbie

    Why the need for a “bigger wedding in June” as stated in article? She had a nice wedding with the people she loved around here (her words not mine). Let it be DONE already.. I smell a TV wedding in the works… #StayWOKE

  • Billie J Kingsbury

    How do you fall so deeply in love in such a short period of time; she was just in love w/that other guy!!

    • Kay Taylor

      Yep, she was definitely just in love with the window breaking ghost.

    • Anna Maria

      Easily. I fell in love at first sight and have been happily married for decades.

  • jmillstein

    Advice for this guy: Run for your life….

  • Tiffany Roberts

    Hey if Kim K and Khole K can meet and marry guys too fast and soon why cant Kenya.

  • morrow

    We have about 5 episodes and it will be over because home girl wants that money and if the producers say they need a line, she will cut homeboy up.

    • Anna Maria

      I hope not. The show has broken up a lot of relationships but if she wants her marriage to succeed and her husband said he is not going on the show I wouldn’t go on the show. You can always find a job but not a spouse whom you love and cherish.

      • morrow

        Like i said, Kenya will be out of her marriage real soon. There is something wrong with Kenya, she has issues.

  • Melanie Jewel Evers-Parker

    Was The Preacher From Atlanta?Like On Wags Maimi The Preacher Was From Maimi Boom ? And Said It Loud It U Get Married in Another Country Its Not Legal In The United States ?? just Keeping It ?I Don’t Believe It She Want That MsNeNeLeaks Money zLol