Wendy Williams Battling Anxiety & Insomnia

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Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Battling Anxiety & Insomnia

According to reports, behind-the-scenes, Wendy Williams’ health is a concern for those close to her. HollywoodLife reports that the talk show host is suffering from anxiety and is having difficulty sleeping at night. A source says,

Wendy [Williams] has been under so much stress recently, and it’s really taking a toll on her health. She’s had really bad problems sleeping, she’s pretty much totally lost her appetite, and she’s battling anxiety.

The source adds,

Wendy could really do with a break, but she refuses to take any time off from filming [her talk show]. It’s like Wendy is just brushing everything under the table and pretending that nothing’s wrong.

Last week, she made headlines when she collapsed on-air during her live talk show.

She also recently faced allegations that her husband and manager Kevin Hunter was having a relationship with another woman.

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This week, photos surfaced leading some to believe that Hunter may still be having an alleged relationship with another woman.

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  • Deb Dyson

    Sounds like she needs some Xanax to calm her down and get some sleep, but for real she needs to change the locks on her doors and leave that fool husband of hers out with the trash, but she won’t…

  • She need to take a break get herself together physically mentally and emotionally heal and then boot that butt

  • CallMeCocoa

    A top notch divorce attorney could cure her of all of that.

  • PhxAzBeauty

    Wendy has to get out of this depression, Stand up to her dirty husband and divorce him! Then revamp the show and her image.. So What if the scumbag gets half. At least she’ll have peace within herself and start the next and new chapter of her life.