Wendy Williams Husband Spotted w/ Alleged Mistress in NYC [Photos]

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Wendy Williams Husband Spotted w/ Alleged Mistress

Unfortunately, Wendy Williams continues to make headlines. New photos have surfaced of the talk show host’s husband, Kevin Hunter (46) and Sharina Hudson (32), a woman who he is allegedly having a 10-year-relationship with, together in public.

This week, photogs spotted Hunter picking up Hudson, a massage therapist in New York City. Both were casually dressed, with Hudson wearing a large diamond ring on her wedding ring finger as she climbed into Hunter’s red Bentley SUV.

Earlier in the week, Williams was spotted heading into her talk show studio, being dropped off in Hunter’s same vehicle.

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As previously reported, Wendy addressed the claims of her husband allegedly cheating, stating during her talk show that she was ‘standing by her man’. See the clips below.

Clip 1.

Clip 2.

A source says about the alleged affair,

What nobody can understand is why Wendy doesn’t boot him to the curb. She doesn’t need him. He does nothing for her but drag her down. This show would be a much better place if he never came back to the studio. I mean he bought this woman a house, his name is on her letterbox, when is the humiliation going to be enough for Wendy to call time on this marriage?

Another source added:

Kevin is not an easy guy to be around or work with. Everyone from the most junior production staffer to the executives at Debmar want to deal only with Wendy. No one wants Kevin anywhere near the show or Wendy. Wendy needs to realize that she doesn’t need Kevin and that it is Kevin that needs her. She would be much better off with him gone from her life entirely.

Last month, we broke the story that Williams’ staff had leaked the cheating story and the talk show host had fired those who she believed were involved.

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  • Girlfriend

    What a dumb bitch. Take your money and run fast, P-girl!!!

  • PhxAzBeauty

    It’s So Sad how Wendy is covering up and down playing her husbands horrible behavior and jeopardizing her career and her health. The Wendy staff seem to be genuinely concerned. He show has also changed doesn’t have the same vibe

    • morrow

      I say the same thing, that show is on borrowed time because it is not the same.

      • PhxAzBeauty

        If Wendy would acknowledge it and do something about it, It might help the show. She looks depressed to me

  • Joan

    No self esteem! She knows he cheating or maybe they have an OPEN Marriage. Regardless, sharing your husband is just trifling. He’s waiting to checkmate her, get spousal support, move in with the mistress and live well off of Wendy’s Money! That’s why she losing weight and fainting. Wake Up and GET OUT!

  • Hotfiyah

    She like to expose everyone else…how does it feel WENDY!!!

  • morrow

    Girl friend is 32, Wendy is 50. Girl friend has been with the husband 10 years or when she was a very very tender 22 y/o (and at 32 she still is. Nah, i think he is with girlfriend for real.

  • morrow

    The picture where the girlfriend is standing by the greenery looks like she is saying (HOW U DOIN).

  • Gumbumper


  • CallMeCocoa

    Dig the tv show and when she was on radio BUT..I find it hard to watch her now knowing this about her husband. She wants us to believe she has it together and is self sufficient but the truth is she needs this loser and chooses to love him and his dirty drawers. We may never know why she continues to be humiliated. This can’t end well.

  • Julie Walters-Brown

    I really don’t do the media because it is not always reliable but if this is truly happening I will pray for her and hope she overcomes her situation I am not here to judge her because I do like her and she is a woman just like me and by no means do I condone cheating in any form so with that being said keep your head up wendy. God got you.

  • Hotfiyah

    I think he wants to get caught as a way out but Wendy ain’t going Nowhere…She is very pathetic!