A Drunken OJ Simpson Kicked Out Of Las Vegas Hotel [Thug Life]

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OJ Simpson Kicked Out Of Las Vegas Hotel

O.J. Simpson was kicked out of a hotel bar after causing a drunken ruckus, according to reports. Reportedly, the former NFL’er was removed from Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Clique bar in Las Vegas after he started breaking glasses at the bar about midnight. The 70-year-old was escorted by security guards out of the hotel.

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This is the first unpleasant incident reported about Simpson, since he was released from a Nevada lockup five weeks ago, after spending almost nine years behind bars for the 2007 robbery of two memorabilia dealers at Las Vegas casino.

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  • Gerome Wright

    Why the FAWK is he still in VEGAS?! He shouldn’t ever want to see that place again!


    CAREFUL OJ, the vultures are circling. Even though you were fairly acquitted of murder the supremacists found a way to Set Up/Frame you up and put you in prison for nine years anyway. Try to remember: You’re not Charlie Sheen, Roy Price, James Toback, Dustin Hoffman, Jeremy Piven, Harvey Weinstein, Andy Dick, Ben Affleck, Kevin Spacey, Kirt Webster, Oliver Stone, Brett Ratner, Louis CK, Bob Weinstein, John Besh, Leon Wieseltier, Terry Richardson, George H.W. Bush, Mark Halperin, Michael Oreskes, Ed Westwick, or even Steven Seagal. Sit back and watch OJ: Lets see if ANY of these men are set up and sent to prison, let alone even charged with a misdemeanor.

  • Harriett Thomas

    He really need to stop trying to be in the limelight and at least try to enjoy his freedom before he end up in jail again. He should know people are still out to get him.