Victoria Secret Models Caught Using N-Word [VIDEO]

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Victoria Secret Models Caught Using N-Word

Victoria Secret Models Caught Using N-Word

The debate over the use of the n-word continues. Some of your favorite runway models are under fire after a new clip has gone viral.

Victoria Secret Models Caught Using N-Word

Widely circulated footage shows a few Victoria’s Secret models rapping along to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow”.

Victoria Secret Models Caught Using N-Word

In the clip, the models use the word n*gga, as they sing along to the hit song. They comfortably rhyme,

I don’t wanna choose, And I’m quick, cut a n*gga off, so don’t get comfortable.

See the clip.

What are your thoughts on the models using the n-word?

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  • digital_femme

    Most of them are high-paid hookers anyway off of the runway so I don’t think anyone’s really holding them to any high standards.

  • Coco Mcluvin

    If people don’t want other races, in particular white people, using the N-word, stop putting it in songs. If artists want them to buy the music, come to the shows and show support, then show some respect and use another word to say what you want to say. Because in a way, it’s encouraging the behavior and giving them an excuse.


      took the words right out of my mouth. We are so confused with what we expect out of other races. We say dont say nigga but we will go to a sold out concert full of white people and rap the lyrics and turn the mic to the white crowd to sing along…then say they racist..

  • A. West

    The way they’re dancing proves they shouldn’t be using the word lol. But in all seriousness, none of us should use the word. Truth is, a lot of us do. White ppl have held on to the word for so long. Let it go…or you’ll be under scrutiny.

    • Fred Bastiat

      I’m a little late to this SJW party, but the SJW’s are throwing so many “I’m Offended” parties that it’s hard to keep up. The models did nothing wrong or offensive, they sang a song as it was performed. If someone is a critic of the word, then the offended parties need to turn their venom on the artists promoting and using the word.

  • morrow

    How do you tell whites not to like the songs that use the N word that are made by blacks? My problem is not with the stupid white girls singing a tune that is sold to all the public that want it, my problem is with the black folks that make this stupid stuff. It,s a bigger problem when the black folks use the N word. These silly white girls fail to understand that they can not use that word legally while working for a company that sells stuff to everyone. It is this simple. A silly black person made a song with the N word in it and the white girls liked it so they sing it, case closed.