Draya Michele Trashed For Complaining About Son’s Homework

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Draya Michele Trashed For Complaining About Son's Homework

Draya Michele

Draya Michele Slammed For Complaining About Son’s Homework

Draya Michele is being criticized for complaining about the amount of homework that her eldest son has. The former Basketball Wives LA star posted a message on social media, explaining how she felt her son Kniko’s teacher relied too heavily on a parent’s participation.

Draya Michele Trashed For Complaining About Son's Homework

Draya & son Kniko

Specifically, she isn’t a fan of how often she had to listen to her son recite his speech and how many times she had to sign his homework. See her message below, which she later deleted.

Draya Michele Trashed For Complaining About Son's Homework

Apparently, some folk found her post offensive and tweeted their reactions. Check them out below.

Do you agree or disagree with Draya’s perspective on her son’s homework? 

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  • chelle

    It does seem like her and her son are very close and snap. They are together alot and I think she was just venting. She really is involved in both her boys lives and the 2 little girls of her boyfriend, just a stupid move she made in venting on social media

    • Ms Snazzy

      What you said sounds reasonable, so I’m gonna give this chick a pass..lol.

    • gellie

      Low key, a lot of parents complain about the sheer volume of homework their kids get. This is another case of ‘Things don’t always translate well in the social media realm.’

  • Coco Mcluvin

    The clap backs were hilarious, lol..however, I do agree with her that sometimes the homework is way too much and if I had to hear the same speech for over a month 2 times a day I would be annoyed too. I don’t remember having to do that in any level of schooling. She should have at least signed the paper and let the boy get his dang points.