Patti Labelle Reveals Why Luther Vandross Never Told The Public He Was Gay

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Patti Labelle Reveals Why Luther Vandross Never Told The Public He Was Gay

Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross

Patti Labelle Reveals Why Luther Vandross Never Came Out The Closet

Patti LaBelle recently opened up about Luther Vandross’ rumored, closeted sexuality. For years, it was speculated that the now deceased legendary singer was gay. Up until his 2005 death, Vandross never confirmed or denied reports about his sexual preference. LaBelle recently addressed the speculation, revealing why Vandross never revealed to the public that he was gay. She says,

Basically, he did not want his mother to be — although she might have known, but he wasn’t going to come out and say this to the world. 

LaBelle also suggested that the news may have affected Vandross’ female fans.

He had a lot of lady fans and he told me he just didn’t want to upset the world. 

What are your thoughts about LaBelle’s comments about Vandross’ sexuality?

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  • Camden

    Well we figured that and loved him still! Never head about Luther in some scandal. Rather he was Big Luther or Little Luther we loved him in my house all the same!
    Rest well.

    • Ms Snazzy

      Yep. I remember when I was a little girl me being trapped in the car with my mother until her song ‘A House is not a Home’ finished playing. Sitting there closing her eyes and singing and slowly shaking her head like she was in some deep moment my little self was unaware of..lol.
      He was “Lewfa” to us.

  • Candy

    We already knew and didn’t care…

  • Shanita Floyd

    It’s funny that I stumble across this post just as I’m sitting at my desk listening to the best of Luther

  • Shag

    His lady fans knew, but didn’t care. They loved him. Too bad because, living that way caused gim alot of pain.

  • morrow

    I started liking Luther when he singed the song (HOT BUTTERFLY) on an album by the rock star Greg Diamond at which time he was only a writer and hadn’t got the fame he later earned, in other words he was a no name until Greg Diamond featured him on the album Bionic Boogie , and the rest was history. Later in years i heard that he might have been gay but it didn’t matter because i like Micheal Jackson too and neither one of them ever said they were gay. Pattie went down a couple more notches on the scale with me for revealing something that he never revealed on his own and that was wrong of her. Luther confided in her. The first time i saw how mean Miss Labelle was , was the time the guy pushed her lousy over processed sweet potato pies to a point that Wal Mart could not keep them on the shelves, and this chick had the audacity to say that he was not the reason they sold like that until somebody in her camp told her to say different. That was not right of you Miss Labelle, and you are an old scholl sister that should have known how Andy and Wendy Williams are.

    • Coco Mcluvin

      I do agree with you. She shouldn’t be divulging that information if it was something he kept private himself. That’s just a gateway for all these men to come out the woodworks claiming to be his lover/freak of the week. I hope that was just a lapse in judgement.

      • morrow

        You just said something very interesting that i did not think of. This sure can make way for people to come out saying they were into something with Luther. Just like that something can get blown out of proportion. Like i said, Pattie is and old school sister that should have known better than to answer Andy Cohens question. The difference between him and Wendy Williams is that Wendy just right out talk about people and Andy is nosey and he just ask questions hoping the guest start talking like Pattie Labelle done.