Reality Star Rah Ali: I Beat Up “Black Ink Crew’s” Sky At Diddy’s Party [VIDEO]

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Reality Star Rah Ali: I Beat Up "Black Ink Crew's" Sky At Diddy's Party

Rah Ali, Sky

Rah Ali & Sky Fight At Diddy’s Bash

Rumor has it, things got physical on New Year’s Eve at Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs massive bash. Reportedly, reality stars Rah Ali and Sky got into a physical altercation at the party. Rumors surfaced on social media that things got physical between the former Love & Hip Hop star and Black Ink Crew┬ácast member. However, to date, no footage has surfaced. However, Rah hopped on Instagram Live, confirming that she had been a fight. However, she did not stat Sky’s name. She says of the brawl,

Tonight, things happened when they were supposed to happen.

She also shows fans that she broke a few nails during the fight. See the clip of her speaking addressing the fight below.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the pair swung punches at one another.

Reality Star Rah Ali: I Beat Up "Black Ink Crew's" Sky At Diddy's Party

Back in 2015, Rah and Sky got into a fight while filming Black Ink Crew. See footage of that particular fight.

Sky has yet to comment on the alleged fight on NYE.

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  • Coco Mcluvin

    I don’t watch Black Ink but I can imagine why her son was so mad, if this how you on TV acting.

    • creola

      Exactly she should have been trying to bond with them and make up for not being around and abandoning them but she want to party and live her life

  • RC

    I don’t condone fighting unless necessary but, the way she was allowed to jump you in that tattoo shop was ‘WRONG’, now get your husband/boyfriend to go deep into that shop and put their foot in Ceaser and Teddy ass for promoting the fight..

    • Djphoenix

      Teddy and Ceasar are actors/talent on the show. They sign their contracts and do their jobs like these ladies do. The low life producers are the ones that need a foot in their asses, as do the two women who consented to do this stupid ass fight scene. Also, they fought at an elaborate Christmas party on their own accord. They couldn’t even contain their rachet behavior enough to elevate through networking with others at Diddy’s holiday bash. Silly women.

      • RC

        Got it…

  • Camden

    Well Rah really kinda had her for a minute with pulling that dam cap over her head lol!! She couldn’t see shat!

  • Deb Dyson

    Too old for them to be acting so dumb, not a good look. Neither will be invited anywhere unless there’s a request for some clowns.

  • Kattybailn

    You broke a few nails but there is absolutely nothing wrong with skyyes face ,so what was her point , and they are both too old for that stupid mess

  • Monique B

    Rah you are to dam old to be acting like a gorilla in a zoo.