Kim Kardashian Poses Topless In Bed! [Stop & Stare]

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Kim Kardashian Poses Topless In Bed! [Stop & Stare]

Kim Kardashian is attempting to break the internet again! Friday morning, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star posted a ‘thirst trap’ photo on social media. The 36-year-old shared a seductive photo posing topless in underwear. She captioned the photo,

Rise & Grind.

Kim Kardashian Poses Topless In Bed! [Stop & Stare]

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  • jayhawkpride

    Let it go Kim!!

    • Mika

      I’m so tired of that broad. I have blocked the e tv. I watch the Alaska Backwoods channel to keep from seeing these rich for nothing wall- less twats.

  • Jasmine

    Everytime Jay or Bee do something days later she releases a nude selfie

    • Coco Mcluvin

      Is that what she does? lol

      • Jasmine

        Shiddd I think so…. He released his video she released a selfie….

    • sunni_daze

      Like clock work. SHe has nothing we haven’t seen a million times, just goes to show….she lacking

  • Trace da Ace

    i think we have all seen her naked so many times that its not a big deal….unfazed.

  • Camden

    Go away!

  • currvalicious

    Why? For what? What Haven’t everyone seen already? This isn’t necessary, however, its her brand & fake body soo…

  • Mika

    Yawn, I think I want to have creole food today, what about y’all? Shrimp, sausage, corn with mild whole shabang sauce….

  • tkgold

    Such a pig. Lousy photo.

  • RoseYoshie

    It is a big deal because she has a form that when she has a dress on there is no false body parts. And her body is not horrible but real. She can shake up the internet, because she got you all to respond whether positive or negative. So, you let it go!

  • RoseYoshie

    Actually, this picture is not nude. She is covered up and has on swimsuit bottoms. Now who took the picture? Kim did not take this picture. We as Americans need to get past thinking the picture is sexual or horrible. In another country the picture is lovely. And her body is lovely. Because Kim is a lovely woman. We need to stop responding like the pictures are horrible and wanting them to go away. Now I do agree in some way Kim could wear an upper covering and have the same look with out her hand covering, but an actual top. Kim really has a body that is trim and she looks fluid in her clothing. She is Lovely! I need my love handles removed and I am not a hater.