Nas To Have Weekend Custody Of Son He Shares w/ Kelis

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Nas, Kelis

Nas To Have Weekend Custody Of Son w/ Kelis, Keep 8-Year-Old Off Social Media

Thankfully, the court was helpful in assisting Nas and Kelis’ latest parental dispute.

Nas & Kelis circa 2010

The couple, who were married for four years before divorcing in 2009, share an 8-year-old son named Knight.

According to reports, Nas will have custody of their son on weekends. His weekend visits will begin immediately after school on Fridays. In the agreement, the co-parents will also try not to popularize their son on social media.


As previously reported, last mont Nas went to court, claiming that he’s attempted to establish an amicable agreement for sharing their son.

Nas Takes Kelis To Court: She's Keeping My Son Away From Me


However, he stated that Kelis dictated how often he sees his son, along with when and where. He asked a judge to approve a set schedule that will allow him to spend more time with Knight.

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  • Coco Mcluvin

    The child needs some type of structure and consistency in his life if he is not going to have two live in parents! Go Nas!

  • Camden

    This makes me happy!
    Children need their fathers!

  • Ms Snazzy

    That’s what’s up. It burns me up when I hear men say “she wont let me see my kids” or “your mother wouldn’t let me see you”. Like that’s a valid excuse as to why you are/were an absentee parent. Take your sorry behind to court and fight! I don’t care if the mother moved to Timbuktu, NOTHING should stop you from seeing your child. Kudos to Nas for handling this the legal way. As for Kelis, that’s some bull crap.

  • Lacey Dadrey

    Kelis has acted like a total bitch during the divorce