EXCLUSIVE: Pebbles’s $40 Mill Lawsuit Over Biopic – Chilli, T-Boz, LA Reid, Babyface Listed As Witnesses In Trial

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EXCLUSIVE: Pebbles's $40 Mill Lawsuit Over Biopic - Chilli, T-Boz, LA Reid, Babyface Listed As Witnesses In Trial

Pebbles’s $40 Mill TLC Biopic Lawsuit – Chilli, T-Boz, LA Reid, Babyface Listed As Witnesses In Trial

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Pebbles (real name Perri Reid) is not letting up with her lawsuit over the TLC biopic that aired on VH1. The former manager of the hit group filed new docs in the $40 million lawsuit.

Here’s the latest: Pebbles lists the witnesses she will call to testify on the stand in the upcoming trial. She lists herself, Chilli, T-Boz, her ex-husband L.A. Reid and Babyface ( real name Kenneth Edmonds). All of the persons listed could be called to the stand to testify in the trial and there’s a possibility that they could be grilled about what they know about Pebbles relationship with TLC, and whether they believe the group was screwed out of money by her and their opinion on the VH1 biopic.

Here’s the backstory: Pebbles – TLC’s former manager – sued Viacom for $40 million claiming she was defamed by how TV movieCrazySexyCool: The TLC Story portrayed her. Pebbles explained in docs that the film showed her,

As a conniving and dishonest business woman who hoodwinked three innocent girls and exploited their talent for her own personal gain.

Further, she said that contrary to what the film showed, she never controlled the groups lawyers and always paid the girls what they were due.

T-Boz, Chilli

T-Boz, Chilli

Viacom fired back at the accusations they defamed Pebbles. In the docs ,they state that based on their knowledge, the portrayal of Pebbles was accurate and they did not act with malice when making the film. They demanded her $40 million dollar lawsuit be dismissed.

pebbles-pissed with tlc movie-the jasmine brand

T-Boz & Chili were then dragged into the $40 million lawsuit over the VH1 movie and their former manager Pebbles filed docs stating she was going to depose the girls and grill them about the film and how they portrayed her in the movie.

The case had been pending for over a year with both sides battling it out.




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  • sunni_daze

    Really, Pebbles?! Really, you know good and well them girls aint got 40M to give you or anyone else. Stop being petty, most if not the whole world has forgotten about that biopic.

    • You misread the article. Pebbles is NOT suing TLC, she’s suing VIACOM, the maker and producer of the movie. That’s where the money is. If she was suing TLC, she’d be lucky to get $40,000 yet alone $40,000,000.

      • sunni_daze

        40k more like 40 cent. Either way this old news and played out, its seems like she wants attention by bringing up dead meat.

        • Guest

          Or maybe she is used to bullying or swindling her way to financial gain?

          • sunni_daze

            I agree with that

      • Guest

        I think TLC is also included in the Lawsuit too.

        • Only as witnesses. The article CLEARLY states this. Pebbles is suing VIACOM. T Boz and Chilli probably have four million between the two of them…if that.

  • Cyn

    TLC is broke and they haven’t done anything in who knows how long. I think it is definitely okay to sue when you feel you have been misrepresented for the WORLD to see. They will likely NOT pay anything if they lose the case, but many times it’s not about the money, it’s about the facts being represented fairly and truthfully.

    • Natile Smith

      It’s been some years since the biopic was released, and they have released music since then. They have been telling the same story for years about Pebbles. Clearly she did some things wrong as they business was mismanaged. TLC have every right to tell their story just as all the others doing a biopic – and there was an audience who wanted to hear it.

  • Guest

    Didn’t she pimp these girls out of enough money when she was their manager? She must long for the good old days but they ain’t never coming back. If she is old and broke after getting millions from swindling TLC whose fault is that?