Jada Pinkett Smith Supports Mo’Nique

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Jada Pinkett Smith Supports Mo’Nique

Jada Pinkett Smith says that she supports Mo’Nique’s efforts to be paid fairly and equally in Hollywood.

As you know, the comedian has launched a #BoycottNetflix campaign. While it has received mixed reviews, Jada applauds her efforts. She tweets,

You don’t have to like Mo’Nique’s approach. You don’t have to agree with her boycott but don’t allow all of that to make you blind to the fact that non-white women and impoverished white women are underpaid, underrepresented and undervalued EVERYWHERE by EVERYONE. As a community, we should be supporting the light she is shining on this truth.

Should more women in Hollywood support Mo’Nique’s efforts to be paid equally? 

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  • Dee Basc

    Right on Jada!

  • Betty

    i hope more people gather around and support her cuz she’s speaking facts. I wanna see Mo’nique win again

    • RC

      You can forget that thinking, Mo’nique is full of bs.. Not to say she plays the race card ‘OFTEN’, and in this case, she’s out of her mind.. She doesn’t command that type of money when she’s not hot or selling out arenas.. She was touring with Steve Harvey and got boo’d off stage in many cities…

  • Coco Mcluvin

    I was so happy to see Jada support her. It doesn’t matter if you personally think she is funny, a whole lot of people do somewhere and that’s why they came to her with an offer. If they get away with that once, they will try it again and again and again. I would like to see more of her peers speaking up and standing up in support of her.