Shantel Jackson Defends Boyfriend Nelly: He f*cked Up, But These Women Are Lying!

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Shantel Jackson Defends Boyfriend Nelly: He f*cked Up, But These Women Are Lying!

Shantel Jackson & Nelly

Shantel Jackson Defends Boyfriend Nelly

Nelly’s girlfriend Shantel Jackson is speaking out. The Platinum Life reality star admits that the rapper did ‘fuck up’, but these two new women who are claiming sexual assault are lying. She says,

Look, I know he f*cked up and we’re dealing with that in our relationship to rebuild and find trust. Having to go through all of this publicity is the worst feeling ever. But this should not open the door for false claims.

Nelly's Rape Accuser Suing Him For Sexual Assault & Defamation

Shantel Jackson, Nelly

See her complete statement below.

As previously reported, two new women (who are referred to as Jane Doe) alleged they were sexually assaulted by Nelly. Click here for the backstory.

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  • Ateya

    I pray these men get it together. You have beautiful family and girlfriend…why cheat. UGH this pisses me off. But if she goes and Talk to Mayweather (just saying) he leaving for sure…trust me. They can DISH but cant take…

    • Hotfiyah

      Maybe if she wan’t so dependent on man she wouldn’t be stuck. Shantel doesn’t have shit but what her man at the time gives her!

  • Coco Mcluvin

    These men better quit sleeping around with any ol’ thing!

  • ShelbyMoore

    Shantel refuses to work for the rest of her life, so she’s gonna deal with whateva…just as long as it’s not Floyd beating her ass (allegedly), so she will deal with Nelly’s cheating. Money hungry hoe.

    • Hotfiyah


    • BdRmiz39

      Yep, yep

  • Madge

    Shantel defended Floyd Mayweather when his baby mama accused him of beating her àss. Then turned around and accused Floyd of doing the same to her after they broke up, and now she’s suing him for it. She’s a bottom feeder and a opportunist that will do whatever it takes to secure maintain her lifestyle. She didn’t give not one fûck about Nelly cheating.

    • BdRmiz39

      Right?!!! Seems like you hit the nail on the head….