EXCLUSIVE: ‘WAGS LA’ & ‘WAGS Miami’ Canceled

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EXCLUSIVE: 'WAGS LA' & 'WAGS Miami' Canceled

WAGS LA & WAGS Miami Canceled

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, the plug is reportedly being pulled on WAGS LA and WAGS Miami.

EXCLUSIVE: 'WAGS LA' & 'WAGS Miami' Canceled

WAGS LA premiered on August 18, 2015, on E! chronicling both the professional and personal lives of several WAGs (an acronym for wives and girlfriends of sportspersons).

EXCLUSIVE: 'WAGS LA' & 'WAGS Miami' Canceled

After a third season, the first spin-off show, WAGS Miami, premiered in 2016. Sources tell us that E! is axing both LA and Miami.

There is a new top executive that’s making a lot of changes in terms of programming, especially when it comes to non-scripted projects. They weren’t a fan of the shows anyway and the ratings weren’t strong enough to consider moving forward.

EXCLUSIVE: 'WAGS LA' & 'WAGS Miami' Canceled

The WAGS Atlanta spin-off premiered January 3, 2018. Sources tell us that Atlanta is safe for now, as they’re ratings are doing well.

Unless you’re a Kardashian, it’s sometimes a struggle to get multiple seasons for reality on E!

We’ve reached out to E! for comment, so far they have not responded.

Are you sad to see WAGS LA & Miami go?

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  • Sexyniq29

    The one in the middle of Atlanta irks my damn soul!

  • Deb Dyson

    Who Niche LOL. yeah she’s full of herself and not as bad as she may think she is. I see chicks that top her daily.

  • Joan

    Thank God for small favors. 2 down, hundreds to go!

  • Ateya

    I’m going to miss Wags Miami – My favs are Ashley and Darnell. And LA – Sophia and Olivia.

  • ShelbyMoore

    These bitches need a life…they all look manufactured.

  • jas.?

    Damn! I never liked MIA, and didn’t really have interest in the last season of LA so oh well bye lol. I haven’t watched Atl yet…i’m scared to bc a girl i grew up with in my neighborhood on it nd i dont wanna c if shes bein foolish or anything lol

  • Coco Mcluvin

    I liked both shows. I could do without characters on both shows. However, if both of those shows were canceled, I don’t see WAGS Atl lasting because it’s not different(aside from it not having as much fake drama amongst the ladies).