Flex Alexander Teases “One-On-One” Reboot w/ Kyla Pratt [VIDEO]

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Flex Alexander Teases "One-On-One" Reboot w/ Kyla Pratt

Flex Alexander Teases “One-On-One” Reboot w/ Kyla Pratt

‘Tis the season for reboots! Flex Alexander is the latest actor to show interest in reuniting with his “One On One” co-star Kyla Pratt for a potential reunion.

Recently, Flex posed the question on social media writing,

Seeing all of these reboots like Roseanne, fuller house, possibly Martin!! It’s seems like perfect timing for a one on one reboot! @kylapratt what do you think?

Check out the video.

One on One aired from 2001 to 2006. The series stars Flex Alexander as a single sportscaster, who becomes a full-time dad when his ex-wife decides to accept a job out of the country and his teenaged daughter Breanna (Kyla Pratt) moves in with him.

The series featured guest appearances from numerous celebrities and athletes, including Lil’ Zane, Chris Brown, Brave from RichGirl, TLC, Lil’ Romeo, Jennifer Lopez, Eve, Lloyd, Floetry, Angie Stone, Destiny’s Child, Mario, Omarion, Brandy, Solange Knowles among others. The show was cancelled months before The WB and UPN merged to form The CW.

What are your thoughts on a reboot?

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    • sheila

      why??/ all we have is ratchet tv, nothing we grew up with anymore no video’s no sitcoms nothing

  • Tazzy

    Yesssssssss I need the reruns too. I surely hope so. Briana and Arnez!

    • selectivewords

      She always said he smelled like Peaches!! LOL

  • sheila

    i think that all these reboots of shows that we grew up loving is wonderful there was a lot of black actors and actresses working and with all these damn reality shows i miss sitcoms i want girlfriends to do a reboot maybe i will come back to television we need shows again there are no sitcoms

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    I used to love this show. I hope it’s true

  • Camden

    Do it!!!