Cardi B Making $250,000 For LA Club Appearances!

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Cardi B Making $250,000 For LA Club Appearances!

Cut. The. Check. Cardi B is making a serious bag for her upcoming hosting gigs in LA. According to reports, the Bartier Cardi rapper will host parties Friday, Saturday and Sunday during ALL Star Weekend. She is rumored to be making around $250,000 for the nightly hosting gigs. That’s pretty impressive for showing up, popping a few bottles and posting to social media, right?

In other news, Cardi made headlines this week, for allegedly taking a jab at Crips. Wearing a blue fur coat, Cardi (who is a Blood) posted a photo captioning it,

I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin.

Here’s the post, along with a Crip in LA, who took offense to her caption.

Cardi later deleted the caption.

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  • Camden

    Omgosh so Cardi B is some gangbanger?
    Lawd have mercy!
    You people are IDIOTS!!!!

    • Coco Mcluvin

      Who is the idiot? The writers or Cardi, lol

      She has talked about it before and in one of her, her and everybody else is wearing all red, lol

      • Camden

        Like all those who astill rep “Gangs” are so silly! It’s 2018!
        I didn’t know she was affiliated with gangs?!
        Like wow!..smh..

        • Coco Mcluvin

          Yea…it’s stupid. Especially when her star is rising!

  • Monique B

    She keep talking trash, it won’t be enough security to protect her. She can be touch.

  • Sharon Shay Williams

    paying her 250,000 for what they need they heads checked