Kandi Burruss Makes Song Inspired By A Hater Saying She Can’t Sing [VIDEO]

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Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss Makes Song Inspired By A Hater Saying She Can’t Sing

Kandi Burruss’ song writing skills are impeccable so we aren’t the least bit surprised that a ‘hater’ inspired her to pen a new potential hit. On Monday, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star hopped on social media, stating that she wrote a song called #MoneyMakingMonday for a hater that said she should stick to writing songs, as opposed to singing them. She also asks fans to post their version. See her sing ‘Money Making Monday’ below.

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  • Coco Mcluvin

    Kandi can carry a note and do run’s, however, her voice just sounds different and to some, it may not be pleasant.

  • Cara

    She’s talented and can sing but I don’t like her voice. I won’t miss her voice in the new escape3

  • Madge

    The girl just can’t sing anymore. She sounds like a goat or sheep. Just because folks don’t think she can sing, doesn’t mean their hating. She strains when she sings and it seems so forced. But chile keep making your paper!!

  • MRiGOThim

    Bye Kandi…

  • yvette46

    Kandi luv ya but you can’t sing!! Stick to writing, producing, acting but leave singing to the professionals.

  • Deb Dyson

    Now, that’s arrogance. I don’t know if back in the day she could sing or not but, in this day & time she cannot sing to me and I’m not hating it’s just my opinion from watching the show & I believe I’m entitled to one since I suffered listening to her act like she couldn’t hear herself. What she thinks the other ladies didn’t hear her, they weren’t upset she was leaving, they quickly moved on.. Ask them.

  • Jessica Daymone

    Go Kandi, yes her voice is different but she still can sing

  • Mitchies

    Yes, Kandi can sing heck most people can sing, but the question is…how well?!?!?

  • Joan

    She so petty! If she got so much money and that’s all she cares about, why even respond to the haters! She pissed cause the girls moved on while she was trying to debate the issue! It’s Money Making Monday for them too! They don’t need her!