OJ Simpson Snags Movie Role, Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman’s Families Pissed

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OJ Simpson Snags Movie Role, Nicole Brown & Ron Goldman’s Families Pissed

OJ Simpson has landed his first job since being released from prison last October. According to reports, he landed a small role in a movie by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen is known for playing the comedic character ‘Borat’.

Reportedly, Simpson received more than $20,000 for the role. No further details about the project have been released.

Back in 1994, Simpson, who is now 70, was acquitted of charges that he murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron. He was later found liable for their murders and was ordered to pay over $25 million.

In response to reports of Simpson’s new movie role, collection lawyer David Cook, who represents Ron Goldman’s dad, Fred Goldman, in the civil case against OJ stated,

If money changed hands [between Cohen and Simpson], then all of the money paid should go to Ron’s father, Fred. There is a legal and moral imperative here. 

Nicole’s sister, Tanya Brown, also responded,

Nicole and Ron are two human beings who were brutally murdered. This is not a joke, nor is it entertainment. If Sacha makes this a comedic effort, [Simpson’s] victims will be personified as a joke. Shame on him.

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  • Coco Mcluvin

    The Browns and the Goldmans need to ask God to help them forgive and move forward. I could not imagine wanting to make someone’s life hell 24+ years. How can they cherish the memories and allow their kids any peace, when you are always up in arms about what this man is doing and trying to take every dollar he earns?

  • Cyn

    Understand that he was found NOT GUILTY of their murders. They won a civil suit, which does not have the same criteria as a murder trial. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt does not exist in a civil trial. NOBODY has to give up ALL of their earnings. If he owes money, then a certain percentage of that money is taken…not 100% of it. The Browns and Goldman’s need to stop it. He is entitled to live his life. He was NOT GUILTY Of killing them…

  • sunnyrn

    I think what people do not understand, is forgiving someone and moving on is not for the person they hate. Forgiving this person is to help their spirit and soul. I can not understand being in the same place 24 years later still with so much contempt. When OJ was being released after all those years, Fred Goldman was doing a press tour talking about this man. At some point and time, you have to let go and let God. This is not for OJ but for their own sanity and peace of mind.

  • Madge

    Hey, let the Juice live!! FÚCK the rest. It’s all in the past.

  • gellie

    Wypipo could never handle being black. We have generations upon generations of injustice and we just had to choke that sh!t down. ONE BLACK MAN get over on these lice demons they STILL pissed. All these years later. You know what, maybe we can learn a thing or two from the vengeful, unforgiving nature of lice demons.