EXCLUSIVE: Usher & Grace Miguel’s Reason For Separation Revealed – She Wanted Kids!

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Usher & Grace Miguel's Reason For Separation Revealed - She Wanted Kids!

Usher, Grace Miguel

Usher & Grace Miguel’s Reason For Separation Revealed

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, new details have surfaced as to why Usher Raymond (39) and his wife, Grace Miguel (46), have ended their marriage. Sources tell us that their marriage has been in a ‘negative place’ for awhile now.

They’ve been fighting non-stop over the past year.

We’re told that one of the main issues in their relationship allegedly is that Grace wanted to have children. Usher has two children with ex wife Tameka Foster: 9-year-old Naviyd and 10-year-old Usher. Grace has two teenage kids, a son and a daughter.

Grace REALLY wanted to have kids and Usher wasn’t necessarily open to the idea.

Because of Grace’s age, having children naturally wasn’t an option.

Grace wanted to have a surrogate, but Usher was only willing to adopt. He didn’t want a surrogate at all. Ultimately, he was the deciding factor of them not having a kid together.

Sources tell us that the singer’s controversy surrounding the herpes allegations allegedly didn’t help their marriage either.

It put a serious strain on them. The headlines and accusations were brutal. And it was really tough on them. They were fighting about it non-stop.

As previously reported, the couple announced their split via statement.

After much thought and consideration we have mutually decided to separate as a couple. We remain deeply connected, loving friends who will continue supporting each other through the next phases of our lives. The enormous amount of love and respect that we have for each other will only increase as we move forward.

They were married for two years.

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  • Jamie

    She should have taken the adoption. That was a great compromise by him as a man. Usually women are the ones that offer the adoption and men are the ones that dont want to do it. But he was willing to do that. She should have shut up and took it. Some women now days seriously make too much out of nothing.

    • PlayGirl

      I agree.

    • Chuck

      Since he allegedly has herpes, it was wise of him to offer adoption. She was with him way too long, knowing that he cheated on her. These low self-esteemed women raise low self-esteemed daughters.

    • Hotfiyah

      To much to want to have her own baby…you DUMB AF!!!

      • Jamie

        People like you refuse to speak intelligently. If you had a difference in opinion than mines, state your point. Dumb as fuck is not a point. It just shows how ignorant you are. If you read the statement with critical thinking behind it you would have understand that some women nowadays know who to pull stuff on. I am not saying Usher is perfect but if he was offering adoption that was a hell of a compromise. If she would have offered it and denied women like you would have had something to say. You can’t win with certain women. Thats the point.

  • currvalicious

    She wanted to have children. Yeah, ok…..

  • ShelbyMoore
    • The Invisibles

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  • Girlfriend

    Right; so they never discussed this before getting married??? Come on, now.