Bruno Mars Accused of Culturally Appropriating Black Music – He’s A Karaoke Singer! [Social Media Erupts] 

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Bruno Mars Accused of Culturally Appropriate Black Music - He's A Karaoke Singer! [Social Media Erupts]

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Accused of Culturally Appropriating Black Music

A new argument on social media has erupted – Is Bruno Mars a culture vulture? Today, a clip surfaced of a woman explaining why she feels the 32-year-old artist culturally appropriates black music. She argues,

He is not black at all and he plays up his racial ambiguity to be able to cross genres and to go into different places.

She continues,

Bruno Mars is not an original artist in the same way that Michael Jackson was an original artist, in the same way that Prince was an original artist. What Bruno Mars does is he takes pre-existing work and he just completely word for word recreates it – he does not change it, he does not improve upon it. He does not make it better. He’s a karaoke singer.

See the clip below.

Social media has weighed in and for the most part, are defending the Grammy Award winning artist.

What are your thoughts? Does Bruno Mars Culturally Appropriate Black Music?

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  • Monique B

    Blacks have been getting ROB of they music for decades. He’s not the 1st or the last to be accused of stealing music.

    • Ignat43

      So what about Blacks who sing opera or country. Or Blacks who dance ballet or Irish Step are they appropriating, too. Must they stop singing and dancing? When does it end? No body is ROBBING anybody.

  • Ignat43

    So damn ignorant. The freaking Slave Ship stopped in two Spanish colonies. The Philippines, where his mother came from, and Puerto Rico, where is father was from. Are we so stupid that we think the U.S. was the only country where Africans were enslaved? This is too damn sad and so desperate.

    • Coco Mcluvin

      But is he black? He looks Filipino to me…

      • Ignat43

        Are you? If you’re a descendant of the slave trade, he’s as Black as you.

        • Coco Mcluvin

          I am very much black. But I thought black meant you had African roots, not that you were a descendant of the slave trade. His Puerto Rican side could very much have only European/Spaniard roots.

          • Ignat43

            What is very much Black? Have you had your DNA tested? If you’re an the child of descendants of American slavery, then you aren’t PURE black. DNA testing may show you have double-digit percentage European blood flowing through your veins.

            Did you ever take a moment to consider how unproductive this whole conversation is? This discussion is as silly as the “light skinned/dark skinned debate.

            Why aren’t we more concerned with all the money spent on education that our kids are still behind in Language and math. Why are you worried about Bruno Mars’ ethnicity then why the unemployment rate for Blacks is double that for whites. Why ain’t you worried about Black women always being treated worse than white, Hispanics and Black men. Occupy your time with what’s real instead of petty prejudice.

  • Barbara Codner

    A lot of these people ranting about appropriation aren’t really mad. They just want attention and it’s a bad look for us. We look petty and prejudice. SMDH!!

    • Ignat43

      He’s as Black as any other person. He’s mixed with Indian Black, white and Spanish .

    • Ignat43

      I completely agree with you. Those who feed into these arguments only highlight their own illiteratacy and magnify the stupidity of their followers.

  • Coco Mcluvin

    Nothing to do with Bruno Mars, but I have had this same question about cultural appropriation…Do black people only get mad when white people do it? Because Asian people been doing it and they say N*gga more than N*ggas, lol….