EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Hart – Demands Lawsuit Over Comedy Network Be Dismissed

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EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Hart – Demands Lawsuit Over Comedy Network Be Dismissed

Kevin Hart

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Hart – Demands Lawsuit over Comedy Network Be Dismissed

theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports, Kevin Hart is demanding a lawsuit over his comedy network be thrown out. Scott Montoya sued the comedian over Hart’s comedy network “Laugh Out Loud”, accusing him of ripping off his business.  Montoya said he’s the owner of “Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions”, which distributes comedy content to various platforms.

The suit explained Hart filed docs to trademark three names for “Laugh Out Loud”, which Montoya is trying to block from being approved.  He claimed he fired off a cease and desist to Hart and they even tried to settle the matter, but failed to reach a resolution.

He sued demanding an injunction prohibiting Hart from using the trademark in his business. Montoya said Hart was profiting off his brand that was already immensely popular.

EXCLUSIVE: Kevin Hart – Demands Lawsuit Over Comedy Network Be Dismissed

Kevin HArt

On March 6th, Kevin Hart responded to the lawsuit, denying all allegations of wrongdoing. Hart’s manager admits in the docs that he was aware of Montoya and his use of the common phrase “Laugh Out Loud”.

The comedian’s team claims Montoya is not even the owner of one or more of the trademarks he claims Hart is infringing on.

Hart is demanding the entire lawsuit be dismissed. He argues that Montoya waited too long to bring the claims against him and says the trademarks he filed to register are considered fair use and protected under the first amendment.

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  • Taimeka

    Hi Jasmine,
    I found this article to be very interesting. How can you sue someone over a general phrase like “Laugh Out Loud.” Second, he is protected by the first amendment, and third; The lady suing him doesn’t even own the trademark she is suing him for. Plus, it looks suspicious that she waited to say something about it. In better words, I’m just going to assume she thought she could get some money out of it since his tour sold out making millions. So, Hart is demanding a lawsuit be dismissed, and I agree that they should.

    I hope to come back and read the outcome of this case.