Amber Rose Is Frustrated w/ #MeToo Movement: What About The Strippers & The LGBTQ Community!

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Amber Rose

Amber Rose Is Frustrated w/ #MeToo Movement

The #MeToo movement has encouraged a large number of women in Hollywood to speak out against sexism and harassment from many male public figures in the industry. While many celebrities are in support of the movement thru social media posts using the hashtag, Amber Rose is one feminist with reservations about whether other minority groups have been left out. The socialite is well-known to be outspoken on issues dealing with women in general and is concerned that black women have been underrepresented, which she has a message for white women in Hollywood. During a recent interview, she admits she’s frustrated with the #MeToo movement: 

So with the #MeToo movement, it’s kinda very frustrating to me, all of sudden because feminism became such a mainstream thing now that white rich actress started out coming saying ‘me too, me too’.

Amber Rose

She continues,

But what happened to all of us? What happened to the strippers, LGBT community and the black girls in college, and like going past that, how black women don’t even make as half as much as white women in movies? I really feel like it’s gonna take a white actress to come out and say, ‘hey black women need to make as much as we do in movies’ for it to actually be a change.

Do you agree with Amber’s comments? 

By -Ike Morgan

  • ShelbyMoore

    Bitch STHU…you aren’t even black. Take that poosey eating stripper mess somewhere else.

    • BdRmiz39

      I fell out when I got to your comment cause as I was reading that phony trash’s ‘words’, I said to myself “Bitch, STFU”. ?

  • Coco Mcluvin

    She needs to think about what she is trying to say and reword it because these are all separate issues.

  • Camden

    Amber shut your slut ass up!!
    You my dear are a SLUT!!!!
    There are no platforms of justice, for slorey whores, who constantly post nudes, prance around in scantily clad clothing, sleeping with TEENAGERS and all the other disgusting things your overgrown behind post online!
    You are indecent!
    Until you honor the stage you are in, in life rigt now and show some self respect noone will EVER respect you!
    We aint Captain Save a Hoe outchea!
    Get yourself together first girl!

  • siarasheree

    OMG! Ya’ll went in …LOL!! …

  • Barbara Codner

    Amber has seen and been through a lot in her life but I think she still doesn’t understand certain realities in life. She’s not a voice for feminism and gender inequality. She has milked her looks and sex appeal to get ahead in life. The women in the #metoo movement are talented actresses regardless of race, who were unfairly forced to decide whether to give up their dreams or their dignity. That is not what any woman should have to go through.

    • Coco Mcluvin

      There are more than just women in the#MeToo movement and any woman who was been subject to harassment or gender inequality has a voice. The more, the better. And I think she fully understands, but people don’t like her asking, “Why?”. Because that’s what she does is ask why are certain things ok, or acceptable? It’s a contradiction to say no woman should have to go through that but then you have comments like the one above from another woman calling her a whore and a slut. The irony is beyond me!

      • BdRmiz39

        No, no Sweetie. That Amber is an out and loud, proud, self-proclaimed Slut police who has admitted to using her body and so-called good looks and naked photos, etc. all the while talking shit about Black women and how she is so much prettier than us? is beyond amusing yet pathetic. Bitch, don’t try and use us as the catalyst for whatever position (pun intended) she’s trying to get in when your past and present behavior is contradictory. Now she wants to pretend she is a champion of our cause(s)?
        Then she suggests it will take a “White woman” to come out and say What??? If Ms bubble head was actually paying attention, she would already have knowledge that a couple of White actresses have already come out publicly and stood by some Black actresses, soooo yeah. She might just want to shut her fake pie hole on this one, or at least leave Black women out of her ‘plea’ since she has joined many other folks in attempting to downgrade us?

        • Coco Mcluvin

          I can barely understand what your trying to say because your too busy trying to insult her and call her names. Her “plea” as you called it, sounded more like thoughts and an opinion. I don’t know when she has “talked shit about black women and said she was prettier.” I am pretty sure that is not what she said because I listened to the ENTIRE Drink Champs podcast to hear what she said for myself. And that goes back to my initial comment about her thinking about how she puts her thoughts together to convey a message to her audience because people will misinterpret and misconstrue her words. Her “using her body” to get ahead makes no difference, that’s her prerogative. And I pay attention and have only heard one story, Octavia Spencer told about Jessica Chastain, a white woman, insuring she received equal pay. Let’s not forget, a black woman started the #MeToo movement, but it did not gain popularity/traction until a white woman (Alyssa Milano) tweeted about it. Which may be why her and others, think that “white women” have the power to make a difference.

          • BdRmiz39

            Oh, she said she was prettier than Black women and specifically the ones in Philly as well as talked shit about her Creole side of the family not wanting her to date people as dark as Kanye and the Baby Daddy. To be a big fan of hers, you sure aren’t paying too close of attention????? And I didn’t say you weren’t paying attention to some White women already speaking out, I said yo’ girl Amber wasn’t.
            Bottom line is she don’t get a pass on this one. She insults us, we will insult her.
            And since she’s so above us (in her ? mind), don’t try and use Black women in her misguided ‘plea’ and/or ’cause’. That fool is grouping 3 or more separate issues in one?
            Linking LGBTQ and her Sluts and whoever else she’s claiming to stand up for is a false equivalency. It really ain’t rocket science?

  • Camden

    Have some decorum! She wants respect show respect for yourself. Period. Respect is earned not given.