Teairra Mari Accused of Leaking Her Own Sex Tape, 50 Cent Adds: She’s Doing This For A Storyline 

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Teairra Mari, 50 Cent

Teairra Mari Accused of Leaking Her Own Sex Tape, 50 Cent Adds: She’s Doing This For A Storyline

Just when you thought things have calmed down, the drama just won’t stop. Teairra Mari is once again the subject of discussion due to her sextape that leaked back in May.

Months ago, a video of Teairra Mari and another man involved in sexual activities was posted on Teairra’s Instagram account. The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star claimed that she was hacked and threatened legal action against those involved in leaking it, including 50 Cent who reposted the video on social media. Since then, more details have become available, one main detail being that the man in the tape, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, is married and according to his wife, Teairra knew all about it.

Now, Teairra’s former friend and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood castmate, Milan Christopher, is saying the entire thing is a setup for a storyline. According to posts on social media, Christopher says that he was present as Teairra leaked her own sex tape.


50 Cent, taking advantage of the fact that Teairra Mari’s attempt at putting a restraining order on him failed, took the opportunity to make the public aware of Teairra’s actions, even reposting a video of Milan Christopher and Akbar confronting Teairra at her home.


According to the video, Teairra is still actively seeing Akbar, despite the fact she not only said he put out her sextape but she is also suing him.

Watch The Confrontation Between Milan, Akbar And Teairra Here

We don’t see this drama ending any time soon!

By: Eleven8