Rapper Tiffany Foxx Accuses Nicki Minaj Of Stopping Her Bag, Nicki Responds [VIDEO]

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Rapper Tiffany Foxx Accuses Nicki Minaj Of Stopping Her Bag, Nicki Responds With #NickiStoppedMyBag


Tiffany Foxx has joined the list of female rappers accusing Nicki Minaj of secretly sabotaging their careers behind the scenes. In an interview with TS Madison on Queen Supreme Court, the St. Louis emcee reveals her thoughts on Minaj. She says,

She doesn’t want to look like she’s hating, being emotional or that she’s pressed so she does little things, she does just enough to look like she supports somebody.

Foxx also reveals her own personal dealings with Nicki.

I understand [wanting to protect your queendom] but don’t be bitter and don’t be hating on other girls. I’m not saying this just because the masses are saying this about Nicki. Nicki has definitely interrupted me being on red carpets. This isn’t your first time hearing about this. Times I was supposed to be nominated, they’re like ‘yeah Tiff, you’re going to be nominated’ but then I speak to the organization [later] and out of nowhere it’s a problem. Then it gets back to me that it’s affiliated with her. So, if I’m saying it, Remy’s saying it, I see why when Cardi seen her she threw that f*cking shoe!



Both Remy Ma and Cardi B have accused Nicki Minaj of doing things to “stop their bag” including threatening other artists and award shows not to work with them. It appears that Minaj may have caught wind of Foxx’s interview and took to Twitter to start the #NickiStoppedMyBag hashtag amongst the Barbs.

A few of the tweets can be seen below.