Matt Barnes Defends Custody Battle Victory On Social Media

Written by Andre Palmer in Blog

Matt Barnes Defends His Victory In Custody Battle After Troll Seemingly Called Him Irresponsible

Matt Barnes received a win in custody court on Thursday (Nov. 8th); the retired basketball player was granted sole legal and physical custody of his twin 10-year-old boys Isaiah and Carter. While he attempted to celebrate the victory, he also received backlash from people who felt the opposite of his victory. Within a photo of him and his lawyers one social media user wrote,

About judges giving rich celebrities custody…the judge did the same thing with usher..a month later Usher [junior] nearly drowned…hope the savings on child support would be worth it..

Barnes responded,

Put them same ‘curtains’ over your head so we ain’t gotta look at your face & that gray yarn you call hair.


The two then begin to engage in an semi-Internet warfare with each other, as they exchanged  indecencies to each other.

Barnes added,

You have far more serious things in your life to worry about..starting w that sh*t on top of your bald head! Stay blessed!

Check the rest of the exchange below.