Wiz Khalifa: “I knew I was in love when Amber was sniffing me”

In a Artist profile with Vlad TV, Taylor Gang fans see a more comedic side of rapper Wiz Khalifa, as he discusses his lifestyle, love life and dreams. Here are his most hilarious replies:
What’s the last book you read?
The last book I read was the last book of joints that I just finished off. 33 pages.
Quote a song or a poem
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’m high as fuck how ’bout you?
At home what do you keep at the side of yourbed?
Some weed
What’s in your pocket?
Some weed
How do you know when you’re in love?
Honestly, I was never fully in love before. So I knew when I was in love when I woke up and Amber was like just sniffing me. She was just smelling my hair, under my arms and I was like ‘what are you doing?’ and she was like ‘I love you.’ I said ‘I love you too.’
How do you sleep at night?
I sleep on my stomach with my head under a bunch of pillows so if someone wants to come in and try to kill me they can’t tell if I’m there or not, so they’ll just leave.
When is the perfect time to say goodbye?
When all the weed’s gone.
If you could moonlight in any profession what would it be?
I would definitely like to be Obama. President. Take that nigga job. Moonlight all day, smoke weed while I’m doing it ’cause I can give it back after I’m done moonlighting right?
Watch the full interview below:
[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chbaaoZr-IU&feature=g-u-u&context=G24cf8a3FUAAAAAAAAAA[/youtube]