[Video] After Making Up With Hot 97, Nicki Minaj Returns to Summer Jam Stage With 2 Chainz

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Hot 97’s recent kiss and make-up session with Nicki Minaj was a strategic move by both parties. As you know, in 2012, at the last minute, Nicki pulled out of their annual ‘Summer Jam’ concert, because of some comments made by radio personality Peter Rosenberg

nicki minaj-performs at summer jam 2013-b-the jasmine brand

Last week, Nicki had a very frank conversation with Rosenberg, explaining that she regrets not performing at the show:

This is the thing, in hindsight, I should’ve just did the show because I’ve never allowed anyone to make me, let my fans down. And even if it wasn’t a Nicki Minaj fan, just  a fan in general. I should’ve just came out, because it’s my hometown. They shouldn’t have been brought into whatever we were going through. They had nothing to do with that. When I thought abou it, a whole bunch off people were punished.

Over the weekend, Nicki redeemed herself, surprising concert-goers, by hopping on stage and performing with 2 Chainz. Check it out:

P.S. #FireTheSoundMan!