[Video] Wendy Williams Talks Closeted Homosexuality In Rap Game, Hints At Mister Cee’s Being ‘Down Low’

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If there’s one thing Wendy Williams isn’t lacking, it’s a strong opinion. After all, she’s coined the phrase, ‘Say It Like You Mean It,’ and that’s exactly what she did during a recent interview with VLAD. The 48-year-old talk show host and author gave her two cents on homosexuality (and male rappers rocking feminine attire) in the rap game, along with celebs like Rihanna taking their abusive boyfriends back. Peep a few excerpts:

How she feels about rappers like A$AP Rocky & Kanye West wearing kilts, skirts, etc.: 

I’m not down with any of that. It wouldn’t be my man. Be very clear, there were lots of homosexuals in the 80’s too…What’s worse? Hip hop wearing skirts or hip hop being closeted and having a plethora kids to prove manhood and that, you know, and denial of something of something that you shouldn’t have to deny….There were many situations back in the day, in my career and it’s all coming full circle now.

If it’s now cool to be a gay rapper:  

Ummm, IDK because I still see Frank Ocean as being one amongst many…And then there was this notion of a radio DJ in NY that is in denial, that just goes to show you how far the homosexual movement w/in hip hop and sports needs to go. It’s politcally correct to be accepting. It’s unfortunate, but that’s where I am on it. Frank Ocean, good for it. And Jason, good for him.

How she feels about Rihanna and Chris Brown’s domestic abuse situation:

There are girls in high school, getting pushed around in high school. I feel like abuse like that, is a reflection of whats’ going on in the home. Chris saw a lot with his mother and father. Rihanna saw a lot with her mother and father. I feel as though these kids, are putting up with stuff in relationships that they should not be putting up with at this age. When you’re young like that, relationships are supposed to be fairly easy, breasy. Dont put up with old people’s problems. As soon as he beats, break-up. And there is no going back.

How she felt about Rihanna rekindling her relationship with Chris, after being physically abused: 

I looked at them like nuts. Iv’e lost track of their entire situation. If they ever do get back together, please let it be when they’re 35, 40 years old. I feel as though it’s encouraged by both of their sides.

Check out the full interview below.