[Video] Wendy Williams Doesn’t Regret Staying With Cheating Husband: ‘It Has Made Our Marriage Stronger’

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The new minted queen of daytime talk, Wendy Williams, recently revealed she took her cheating husband back with no regrets. In 2008, her husband Kevin Hunter, was involved in a scandal with her then talent booker Nicole Spence. Spence claimed that he demanded sex with her on several occasions and created a hostile work environment. Over the years, Hunter has been involved in a number of other sexual scandals including a sex tape. Despite all of this, the-48-year-old media personality held nothing back in a recent interview with DJ Vlad about her marriage. Peep the excerpts below.

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Nicole Spence, Wendy Williams & Husband

How discovering Kevin cheating changed the marriage: 

It has made our marriage stronger. I love him and he loves me…If you told me when I was twenty five years old or thirty years old that I would stay around for a cheater, I would have been like ‘you are lying,’ I’ve got way too much to offer a man to stick around for him cheating on me, you know? At that particular time I had my career in radio, I was making a great salary, I had vacation property of my very own and the world was my oyster, so I definitely thought I wasn’t staying around for some cheating. But I did and I don’t regret it.

If she would consider having an open relationship:

I would never have an open relationship, I think that’s a recipe for disaster and it’s more than just celebrities. I know four couples in my own personal life, regular, normal people. Two black, one white and one mixed where she’s black and he’s white. And these are all people with advance degrees; I’m talking they’ve got their four year college but now they’re on to doctrines and masters and law degrees and things like that. They have open relationships. For the life of me I would never do that…But I’ve noticed open relationships seemed cute and worked for these couples and I kind of enjoyed being friends with them. I enjoyed it, you know like just an observation.


Peep the full interview below with DJ Vlad below.


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