[Interview] Shay Johnson Addresses Relationship With Scrappy + Says Club Fight Was A Result of Her Being Bullied

It’s definitely complicated. A lot of times I wish I never done anything sexual with Scrappy. No type of relationship on that level at all because it really destroyed our friendship. He would tell me everything, I knew everything that man was doing, but once we started dating, it just turned and it’s been destroyed, to me, the friendship ever since. We tried to get it back but we’re attracted to each other and we did a lot more outside of just being a friend. I do care for him; I have much love for him, forever. But being with him in the future, I can’t predict that. My focus is somewhere else. He ain’t going nowhere and I don’t care who knows about it.

On what she means when she says Scrappy ‘ain’t going anywhere’:

It’s like he has certain people in his life that don’t want him to affiliate with me on no levels because they are intimidated by the relationship that we have and the energy we have with one another. And I get it but its funny how these hoes out here, they will sleep with anybody else man but when they think they have one, they try to get mad when somebody does it to them. What goes around comes around all day. You want to be a little whore and hop around in somebody else’s relationship; it’s going to happen to you. I don’t know, the few people don’t want him around me but clearly he doesn’t listen, clearly because he stay on my line.


On her thoughts on his relationship with Bambi? 

I laughed, I didn’t see the entire show but I seen enough episodes to see that it was bullshit. You said you want to be this faithful man on TV but outside of TV you throwing those text messages and you want to see me and you’re having sexual relations. You’re just like anybody else, you want your cake and eat it too. I know what I’m dealing with, I know how he is so I know how to deal with him now. He broke my heart; he did what he did to me, first time on you, second time on me. I’m not going to allow myself to be put in that position to be screwed again. Y’all seen the TV show, you see how he did me on national television. Date me and propose to another female so if you think you can have this man be faithful to you, like come on. He’s not ready to settle down and once you understand what you’re dealing with, it won’t be all the drama. Yeah there were some subliminal messages back and forth on Instagram, cute, but who cares. There’s no drama where if I see her something’s going to happen or if she sees me, it’s nothing like that. There’s jealousy involved when it comes to women and there is a man. There were words at one point but that’s it. But I’m not going to be in the drama, I just handle drama that comes to me. I don’t start drama with people, but if you bring it to me, don’t get mad if I pop it off with you and give you exactly what you’re asking for.

Momma Dee Shay

On having a close relationship with Scrappy’s mother, Momma Dee: 

I never forced Momma Dee to like me, I never done anything special for Scrappy’s family to be close to me. It’s not just Momma Dee, it’s his nieces, his sister. I’m close to a lot of people in his family, but again, I been around for six years and I was just his friend so I been around and I’m not going anywhere. She likes me because I’m genuine and I’m 100. I don’t play a role and try to act like something I’m not and I never put Momma Dee in a situation where, ‘you can’t talk to Scrappy’s ex, you can’t do this, you can’t do that’ and that’s what a few of the girls in his life tried to do to him. You can’t force a man to be faithful, either he’s going to be it or he’s not. If you want Momma Dee to like you, just be you. It’s not my fault she doesn’t like Bambi. I didn’t tell her not to like her. She don’t like her for her own reasons. She don’t like her because she’s a nag and she’s a crybaby, and she whines over every little thing. That’s her reasons for not liking her. I was told Bambi was always whining and crying because she always wanted that relationship with his family that I have.

Girl they in and out all the time, they break up one week and then they back together. And he doesn’t even tell me, he lies to me. For his birthday, that was supposed to have been his girl, he telling me it wasn’t his girl. He tells me to fly to Miami where he is, I go to Miami to hang out with him for his birthday. She gets a little attitude and I guess he decides to post a picture of him and her the next day because she found out we were together on his birthday in the club, taking pictures. Post the picture and make her feel good, but did you tell her what we did that night after the birthday party. Put that in there, whole lot of sex, a whole lot of it.


On reports that she was allegedly in a fight with one of Joseline Hernandez friends:

It’s nothing to talk about. Certain situation gets fabricated. Everybody is thinking they know what’s going on and watching something that didn’t really happen. I don’t like to be bullied. It was a situation where I was bullied along with four other individuals, at the same night, in the same club, by the same individual. Sometimes you can’t keep bullying people because you’re going to run into someone who’s not going to be able to take it. And going to stand up for herself and that’s me, I’m going to stand up for myself, you can’t bully me. Yes I was in a bully situation, some body tried to bully me.

If she regrets the altercation:

Authored by: Sharifa Daniels