Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Nikki Mudarris Not Embarrassed By Cosmetic Surgery

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A few fun facts about reality TV newbie, Nikki Mudarris. The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” cast member has beauty and brains. She graduated from USC last year and is 24-years-old. Her family owns three strip clubs and while she’s now part of the family business, growing up she lied to her friends at school because she was embarrassed.

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Mally Mal

During an interview with VLAD, Nikki explains how she was casted on the VH1 show. She insists that her boyfriend Mally Mal, presented the idea to her:

It was actually like a last minute thing…My boyfriend at the time — Mally Mal — he decided to join the show. So he presented the idea to me, he was like ‘Would you like to come on here?’ And I was like ‘Okay’. At first I was a little hesitant, but I basically ended up doing a interview and they loved me and now I’m on “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

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Nikki admits that while being on the show, some viewers have criticized the fact that she’s had cosmetic surgery.