Amber Rose Admits to Filtering, Not Photoshopping Instagram Photos [VIDEO]

Why men are intimidated by her:

I don’t know. I guess I’m a very strong woman. And I have very strong views. I’m also a feminist. So it takes a really strong guy to be with me. I like guys that are extremely smart.

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What she finds attractive in a man:

If you’re like really, really smart i love that. I like guys that aren’t really flashy. I like guys that aren’t scared to tell me their feelings. Preferrably if they had a kid, that would be awesome.

Considering Christina Milian a big sister: 

I’ve definitely called Christina crying a few times.

Believing in rebounds: 

I truly believe in rebounds. For sure. I feel like you know to go out with a guy, that treats you nice. It’s a nice way to get over the last guy for sure.

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If she had a rebound after Wiz: 

I didn’t because I was extremely devastated. It get’s easier over time.

If she’d ever consider reconciling with Wiz: 

I never say never … We’re still technically married. Right now, we are dating other people and seeing what else is out there. We’re still really good friends.

Watch the full interview below.

[BBC Radio]

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