Solange Knowles’ Business Partner Speaks Out After Being Stabbed 10 Times: It was premeditated violence.

Solange Knowles Close Friend-business partner-Armina Mussa Stabbed 10 Times in New Orleans-the jasmine brand

Solange Knowles’ business partner — Armina Mussa — is speaking out after being involved in an altercation, with 26-year-old Arronesia Christophe, resulting in her being stabbed ten times and hospitalized. As previously reported, on April 8th Mussa (who is close friends with Solange, as well as the project director for Saint Heron) underwent surgeries and was in critical condition after the incident.

Recently, she shared her version of the events with the NOLA Defender, clarifying what she feels are false stories that have been reported in the media. She explains:

I watched my attacker circle my block before pulling into the shared parking lot of my home.

Arronesia Christophe

Arronesia Christophe

Armina also goes into detail with the weapon that she says was used by her attacker:

I was faced with a kitchen knife that the aggressor and trespasser had in her hand while her vehicle was parked in front of my home. When I approached the aggressor and trespasser’s vehicle window to ask that she leave my property, she sat there with her head tilted towards me, while waving the kitchen knife in a malicious demeanor. I then said to her through the window, ‘You need to leave.’ The aggressor and trespasser then proceeded to exit her vehicle and wave the kitchen knife in my face while questioning me aggressively in regards to why she should leave.


Authored by: tjbwriteratlanta