(EXCLUSIVE) Reality Star Hazel-E Talks Leaving Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Relationship With Katt Williams & Having Drink Thrown In Her Face

Hazel E of the popular reality show Love and Hip Hop: Los Angeles is spotted as she films an episode along  Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, Ca


Hazel E, star of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” on VH1, former publicist, and current rapper, recently talked exclusively at length with theJasmineBRAND.com to unapologetically clear the air concerning her relationship with some of her current and former cast members, especially the blow up between herself and blogger Jason Lee as well was issues with singer Teairra Mari, Masika, and Yung Berg, her ex. Check out a few excerpts of the interview.

Why she came back for season two of LHHH:

I think everyone thought I wasn’t gonna come back for a second season so it’s just about proving people wrong. I don’t want nobody [to] get my storyline confused with anybody else’s storyline.


Hazel E says she’s relatively content with the way she’s been portrayed on this season:

I think I do have words of wisdom and I think that that’s coming across this season. I wish more of my lifestyle and my music was highlighted a little bit more.

Her role in casting people on the show:

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I actually did a profile…me and Teairra…about two years ago. I was like ‘what if we bring Love & Hip Hop to Hollywood?’ So I reached out to a couple of the names on the cast. Some made it. Some didn’t. Once we got it to the right hands, Mona [Scott Young] then reached out to Teairra…I already had everything ready to go and half of the original cast members I picked stayed and we began shooting and we were on the air the end of that year.

Her desire for producer credit:

It’s something that I need to work on because I feel like I should start getting my just due credit in the production world. I think it’s always about paying your dues and I’ve paid dues in so many lanes, so this is like the first TV lane. Maybe after I pay a couple more dues, maybe they’ll give me some credit.

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The recent airing of her altercation with Jason Lee set off numerous comments and backlash across social media. Hazel E mentioned her lack of interaction with Lee prior to the show and explained the situation:

I was unaware that this character person was not only on the show but ON the show AND having beef with me. So I was taken aback by this person that I maybe met once or twice in Hollywood that I just never got close to having so much animosity to me. How do you hate somebody that you don’t even know or met or encountered? So it was awkward and him, uh, assaulting…attacking me by throwing a whole cup of Ciroc and pineapple [juice] in my eyes. I was just in shock. It was the day before my birthday, it was absolutely horrible, and I just felt like he was watching reality TV and was like ‘drink throw! That’s how you make yourself relevant.’

She mentions that Lee has attempted to apologize for his behavior but she’s “not buying it:”

I saw him at a premiere party on Instagram on Monday with a ‘Eat That, Bitch!’ shirt and then tried to issue an apology a day later. This [Love & Hip Hop Hollywood season] filmed months ago, so if there was a real sincere apology you wanted to do, you could have did it then but now you’re receiving all this backlash [and] NOW you wanna try to clear your name but how do you do clear your name with a ‘Eat That, Bitch!’ t-shirt on?”

She also addressed the unaired portion of the heated exchange:

There was a statement when I said, ‘The only time I encountered you is when you were fake working out on the canyon acting like you were trying to lose weight and you said you were ‘having issues with your relationship with Tahj Mowry’ and that’s when he threw the drink. That’s what was cut out because I wasn’t technically allowed to out anybody but I didn’t out him. He had outed him and had this whole thing that he was mad that I brought it back up.


Authored by: Kellie Williams