Orlando Brown On Dating Raven Symone, Abortion Speculation & Jail [VIDEO]

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For millennials, the name Orlando Brown is a familiar one. The childhood star was killing the game in the early 2000’s appearing in roles on Family Matters, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Proud Family (yep, he was the voice of Sticky) and his most famous gig on That’s So Raven. Brown has recently made headlines for his current outburst and bizarre yet strangely entertaining videos and he caught up with Vlad TV to address such moves he’s been making, the famous Raven-Symone “abortion” line, dating Raven, “Major Payne 2” and more. See a few excerpts.

VLAD: What was your most memorable role?

Orlando: It would have to be Uncle Damon [Wayans]. He gave me the green light, we’re actually going to do Major Payne 2. He was in Japan at the time. I love him so much. A lot of people don’t know he been going through the diabetes thing and that’s a very deep situation. I just want him to know I love him and I’m ready to get back to work. Major Payne 2 coming soon. What up.

VLAD: After that you ended up on That’s So Raven. How did that come about?

Orlando: Auditioning. Auditioning played a big part and that’s what I always did. My manager would have me go on 3-4 auditions a day, which is why I was on so many shows and it carried me over to That’s So Raven…Actually, the name of the show was supposed to be Absolutely Psychic and Raven was originally the white girl. We filmed the pilot and it sucked. And, if it wasn’t for Raven’s dad going to the big heads. He went before the big wigs and fought for us. So they switched and made Raven with the main girl. They went with the idea and it was magical.

VLAD: Was there any resentment in the cast with her getting the lead role?

Orlando: Oh, no because I was dating her at the time. It wasn’t any resentment. I was like ‘go ahead baby, do your thing. I’m right there behind you. I’m Eddie’. Other than that it turned more into a family relationship and I’m proud of the historic moments we shared together.

VLAD: How long did y’all date for?

Orlando: We dated for a quick second. It wasn’t too much. But, I remember being on the phone all damn night cause she could talk her ass off. You ever been on the phone with someone you love and y’all be like ‘You hang up. No, you hang up boo. I love you, too boo.’ That whole sh*t. We was kids. But other than that, I’m no longer that little boy. My mental state has changed. I’m focused on my wife and my kids and my future.

VLAD: You said ‘You ate her p*ssy and that’s the reason she is gay now’:

Orlando: Ohhhhhh. That was in a song. And, I did eat the p*ssy. I ain’t even gone lie. I’m not trying to be disrespectful. Truth is truth. But, what really hurt my feelings how could she think I stole her phone? She thought I stole her cell phone. I cried for three days. It sickened me. It weakened me. I’m on the phone with Kyle Massey and he was telling me she said ‘Don’t give it to Orlando. Tell Orlando the phone is yours. If he knows it’s mine he’ll definitely take it for sure.’ And I’m like come one, man! What do you think it is like I’m a crackhead or some sh*t just like everyone else is thinking. But it hurt me to the core.

VLAD: You said a line about Raven:

It’s like Raven aborted my baby. I said it’s like. It’s clearly a play on words. It’s a metaphor. Basically what I mean by that is y’all want me to go crazy then yall want to pay a n*gga. It’s like, that’s not cool. See no one evens knows I was sitting in jail for weeks in solitary confinement. We [other men in jail] were sleeping on metal. We didn’t receive mail. Our food was late all of the time. We could only take showers when the water was warm. So I was sitting there wasting away but talking to God.

VLAD: What do you think about her [Raven] stance on race?

Orlando: I stand by Raven 100% I don’t give a sh*t what she say. She can say whatever the f*ck she wants to say, leave her alone. If that’s how she feels, that’s how the f*ck I feel. Leave us alone. We a family, restock together out here. She was grateful enough to put us on the show [The View] when we came up with the That’s So Raven reunion, that was a little teaser. Me, Ana Lisa, and Rae we strategized coming up with something that would create buzz. Now that we were able to do a reunion it let us know that we were right. Raven batted it up for us [she’s a producer on The View] and we hit them with a bang. Now I think it’s time an hour type deal.

All of us sitting down and giving our all to the public letting them know what’s going on. Ana Lisa, a lot of people want to know what’s going on with her. A lot of people wants to know what’s going on with Raven and why her hair is purple and different colors of the rainbow and sh*t. You got me, you got Kyle. You’ve got the celebrities who grew up to be adults and be very powerful that these people want to know about. You guys can look forward to a real thats so raven reunion.

Watch the full interview below

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Authored by: Kellie Williams