R. Kelly Denies Having Sex W/ Aaliyah’s Mother

R.Kelly, Aaliyah

R. Kelly Denies Having Sex With Aaliyah’s Mother

R. Kelly is quickly shutting down reports that he had a sexual relationship with singer/actress Aaliyah’s mother. The rumors started swirling about the alleged affair after an interview with one of Kelly’s accusers surfaced online. R. Kelly accuser and featured Surviving R. Kelly interviewee, Lisa Van Allen, attempted to stir up even more controversy surrounding the embattled singer/songwriter/producer R. Kelly, by claiming in a recent interview that he had a previous sexual relationship with Aaliyah’s mother in the mid ‘90s when he was working with Aaliyah.

However, R. Kelly has quickly shut the accusation down and denied the entire situation. Sources close to Kelly state that he completely denies ever having anything but a friendly relationship with Diane Haughton. Sources also say that Kelly believes this latest accusation by Van Allen is another attempt to smear his name and grab headlines and further attention for herself.

In the initial video with VLAD TV, Van Allen claimed that R. Kelly told her that he and Diane Haughton were sexually involved on several occasions. Van Allen further claimed that Kelly would stay at Aaliyah‘s home and after she would fall asleep, he would go into the living room and have sex on the couch with her mom.

Van Allen said:

“He stayed at her home in Detroit and her mother was actually sexually attracted to him as well. He said that when Aaliyah would go to sleep, him and her (Diane Haughton) would do sexual acts on the couch…while Aaliyah was sleep in the bedroom.”

You can check out the interview BELOW:

Meanwhile, Kelly was recently seen arriving at court to address his delinquent child support payments, which landed him in jail (and quickly released) earlier this month.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings