Kanye To Meet Russian President Vlaimir Putin, Plans To Take Sunday Service To Moscow

Vladimir Putin, Kanye West

Kanye West To Meet Russian President Vlaimir Putin, Plans To Take Sunday Service To Moscow

Kanye West is getting in touch with his political side again.

Former presidential candidate (and rapper) Kanye West is gearing up to meet with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. The creative man with many hats will be going international. He’s reportedly traveling to Moscow to give Russia a taste of his Sunday Service, as well as some of his business endeavors.


Kanye hosts his Sunday Service at Howard University.

Kanye’s strategic advisor, Ameer Sudan, reportedly confirmed that the trip is likely to take place in spring or summer. Sudan, along with Kanye’s attorney Scott Balber, is communicating with real estate developer Aras Agalarov. Some say that Agalarov is the “Trump of Russia.”

Donald Trump, Kanye West (circa 2016)

Like Donald Trump, he often names his buildings after himself and is a billionaire. He is also close to Putin.

Sudan allegedly said that Kanye’s upcoming projects will keep him busy in Russia. He claimed:

“[Russia is going to be] a second home [for Kanye]. He will be spending a lot of time out there.”

In addition to working with Aras Agalarov, Kanye will be working with his son, Emin. Emin is a musician who’s been around since 2005, and Kanye plans to collaborate with him in hopes of boosting his American crossover appeal.

This announcement comes just a few months after Kanye claimed that was a “Young Putin.” He made the bold statement on rapper N.O.R.E’s Drink Champs. As N.O.R.E and the podcast crew struggled to contain their laughter, Kanye explained the comparison:

“Ima lay them on they back…GAP, Adidas…I run it.”

The chuckling continued, and Kanye defended the accuracy of his stance:

“Culture is an oil. Culture is an energy, and I’m the king of culture for the past 20 and the next 2,000 years.”

Putin, who’s a devout Christian, will be present for the Sunday Service.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya