Kelly Price Calls Out R.Kelly’s Alleged Girlfriend’s Mom JonJelyn Savage: If You’re Crazy Enough To Threaten Me, I’ma Put You Out There

Kelly Price Calls Out R.Kelly’s Alleged Girlfriend’s Mom JonJelyn Savage: If You’re Crazy Enough To Threaten Me, I’ma Put You Out There

Kelly Price directly addresses a mother who’s associated with R. Kelly.

R&B songstress Kelly Price took to Instagram to let JonJelyn Savage know that she’s not one to ignore threats. During a live stream, she directly addressed JonJelyn, who’s the mother of Joycelyn Savage. Kelly started off:

“I’m going live because, if you’re crazy enough to threaten me, I’ma put you out there. Be really careful about telling me that I need to tread lightly if you’re not prepared to back up what you say.”

The Grammy-nominated singer mentioned that faced abuse as a child, and would never condone the cruel act.

She continued:

“I said what I said and I meant what I said. I said what I had to say about R. Kelly, he’s in jail right now. I also said that’s where I believe he belongs because where there’s smoke there’s fire. But please, Ms. Savage,  you threatened me and you told me I should tread lightly. You don’t know me like that.”

She went on:

“I have nothing to do with what your family went through. I wasn’t around when y’all were around. I will never stand in the corner of rapists. I would never stand in the corner of somebody who is violent towards women or children, but it sounds like a hit dog is hollerin’ right now. I never said anything about your family.

She added:

“The statement that I made was about the industry as a culture and I stand on it. Young girls and women, period, have not been safe in this business because they’ve been preyed upon and people have known that girls who want a career, a lot of times, will do whatever is necessary to have one.

She concluded:

“Unfortunately, sometimes, their parents want them to have one so bad that they will facilitate that process. Now, if that wasn’t your mom, then why are you worried about it? I never said I saw your mama backstage with you.”

Kelly recently sat down with VladTV to talk about her experience working with R. Kelly, whom she collaborated with on 1998’s “Friend of Mine.” She described their “professional” relationship and stated that she never witnessed his rumored behavior.

She also spoke about the music industry in general, saying:

“In this business, and nobody really wants to talk about it, in this business, that’s not odd, that’s actually the culture. It’s the culture… I’ve seen mothers bring their daughters backstage. And that’s the thing nobody wants to talk about.”

That quote provoked JonJelyn Savage to leave her threatening comment under Kelly’s post:

“@mskellyprice for whatever reason other moms were back stage or in business meetings at a studio, it doesn’t give him the right to recruit for his cult. Let’s say your mom was backstage with u doing legitimate business moves in the industry, does that automatically mean u back there not for your talents & just as a groupie. NO, it does not.”

JonJelyn continued:

“What he did to my family & I is inhumane & all who knew s/b brought to Justice along with him like @kevingyles @cherylmack etc, who turned a blind eye. I encourage u to thread lightly.”

Joycelyn Savage–along with her mother and younger sister–is said to have met R. Kelly when she was around 19-years-old.

R. Kelly, Savage family

The family sought the renowned artist to propel Joycelyn’s music career. Somewhere down the line, Joycelyn wound up in a relationship with R. Kelly, placing her at the center of his sex cult allegations.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya