Benzino Allegedly Dating Trans Actress Shauna Brooks [VIDEO]

Benzino Allegedly Dating Trans Actress Shauna Brooks [VIDEO]

Former “Love & Hip Hop” star Benzino is rumored to have had romantic ties to trans actress/model Shauna Brooks!

Footage of what appears to be recorded conversations between 56-year-old Benzino (born Raymond Leon Scott) and Shauna Brooks, 32, leaked earlier this week and now has the internet buzzing. In the audio, a male’s voice that appears to be Benzino can be heard telling Shauna Brooks that it  “looks bad” for him to have a relationship with a trans woman and he will be judged harshly for it.


“You don’t f**g look bad, I do… In this world you aint doing nothing wrong.. It would be wrong if I did.. You’re not looking bad Shauna. You’re looking like a chick, ‘Hey just a chick who tried to f**k with a n***a’… Im looking wrong because what the f***k are you doing trying to f***k with a transgender.”

While some found the leaked recordings funny, others felt as though Brooks was wrong for allegedly “outing” Benzino. After receiving backlash, Brooks took to Twitter to clarify she did not have ill intent. She wrote,

“My intent is NEVER to ‘out’ any1 but MY truth is always T while it‘s PAINFUL to relive PUBLICLY… I’m TIRED of men LOVING girls like us ONLY behind closed doors & treating us as if we’re disposable when it’s NO longer convenient. They want you to be their toy on their time.”

Shauna Brooks

On Wednesday (Apr.13) Brooks posted a shady comment seemingly aimed at Benzino to her IG stories! She wrote,

“Yeah I’m TIRED of putting MY neck on the line…for n**a’s that don’t even have 1, or that can even MEASURE UP too [rolling eye emoji]”

This scandal comes just days after Benzino did an interview with Vlad TV where he spoke about homosexuality, and his daughter, Coi Leray’s recent comments about her sexuality. In the interview, the producer/tv personality said,

 “This might be good for the LGBTQ and straight community as a whole, to understand what is being gay? Here’s a situation where she [Coi Leray] said she thought she was gay but hooked up with a women and said ‘nah it wasn’t for me.’ That’s a message that needs to go out there.”

Coi Leray, Benzino

Benzino continued,

“When I grew up in Boston, I didn’t grow up around people who were gay. I rarely seen it to be brutally honest… I’ve been more tolerant. The LGBTQ are here, they’re apart of our society.” 

Benzino has yet to speak out on the alleged leaked recordings of him and Shauna Brooks. However, he did seemingly confirm his relationship with Brooks in an IG stories post calling out 50 Cent.

He added,

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Authored by: Monique Nicole