Rapper Isaiah Rashad Says He’s Sexually Fluid: I’m Not Fully In Control Of Who I’m Attracted To 

Rapper Isaiah Rashad Says He’s Sexually Fluid: I’m Not Fully In Control Of Who I’m Attracted To   

Isaiah Rashad didn’t get the chance to come out before the world saw his leaked sex tape with other men. 

Back in February, footage leaked showing multiple men giving and receiving oral sex. Fans identified one of the meant to be Isaiah Rashad.

On Thursday (May 26) Isaiah Rashad sat down with former rapper Joe Budden to discuss his recent sex tape leak for the first time. 

Joe Budden, podcast host, asked Rashad, 31, how he sexually identifies himself.

Isaiah responds:

“I’d say like I’m sexually fluid”

Joe Budden, 41, asked Isaiah to elaborate.

Isaiah adds:

“I’m still learning about it myself. I’m putting my head in the books to find out the basics of it.  But basically like I’m not in full control of when I walk into a room who I’m attracted to. And just because I grew up and in high school I dated this type of person and in college I dated this type of person doesn’t necessarily mean as an adult that it’s gonna always be like specific. But I’m more so attracted, to like, a personality. I’m more attracted to sometimes, to the intellect and sometimes it just be..being attracted to somebody.”

Rashad implies that he is currently monogamous and over the years he’s learned that being sexually fluid means having an understanding with hisself to not expect an instant attraction from another individual.

At Coachella, the TDE rapper began his performance with a montage of reactions about his sex tape  including comments from DJ Akademiks, The Game, Joe Budden, and Boosie.

When discussing the leaked sex tape, Boosie, who wasn’t familiar with Rashad at first, assured DJ Vlad:

“Bro, if you gay it’s gon’ come out. God gon’ make that come out. God gon’ make that come out for your choices. You just gotta ask for forgiveness, all sins are the same, you know but God gon’ make that shit come out, you ain’t gon’ be in that closet, if you is in the closet you coming out that fucking closet.”

Boosie continues:

“Cause mad day, the one who fucked you he gon’ tell everybody he fucked you. Or if you fucked him or however it goes when mad day come just like a woman its just like a woman bro when mad day come they gon’ say some shit.”


Rashad says he doesn’t intend on taking legal action against the leaked sex tape:

“I haven’t even been thinking about it man, honestly. I been on just keeping my mind together and it’s been a time for my family to come together. Out of everything it’s been a blessing with that happening, and my granddad dying a couple days afterwards, and my grandma going through what she’s been through, it been a concentration of family together more than it had been before. So if anything, like, I can’t be mad at everything about it. I always gotta look at the brighter side of stuff.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill