Monique Says She Was Joking When She Called D.L. Hughley “Down Low”, Claims He Previously Called Her Psychotic & Mentally Ill [VIDEO]

DL Hughley and Mo’Nique

Monique Says She Was Joking When She Called D.L. Hughley “Down Low”, Claims He Previously Called Her Psychotic & Mentally Ill [VIDEO]

Comedian and actress, Mo’Nique took to Instagram Live to get the story straight on her issues with fellow comedian D.L. Hughley. The two comic legends began going back and forth on social media after Mo’Nique ranted about issues with her contract at 105.9 KISS-FM’s “Comedy Explosion” show on Saturday, May 28 in Detroit, MI. Mo’Nique told the audience that D.L. did not want to open for her and that he had an issue sharing the headlining slot with her.

Mo’Nique, who was joined by her husband, Sidney Hicks, began the live stream by saying the show In Detroit was very ‘eventful,’ and said that the viral video of her on stage speaking “very openly and candidly” was intentional. She said:

“Let me be clear: It was intentional. It was intentional. The contract situation and the headliner situation, that was just the icing on the cake for D.L. Hughley and I.”

Mo’Nique then goes into a story about a past appearance on D.L. Hughley‘s radio show that rubbed her the wrong way. She mentions that this instance was a realization of “when you think you’re cool with somebody and you’re not.”

I go on to do the interview, and I’m getting interviewed by this sister Jasmine – and we’re having a great time doing this interview. Well when get to the end of this interview, this sister Jasmine says ‘Hey Mo’Nique, would you like to play a game?’ And I said, ‘Okay sis, let’s play the game.’ She said the game is called ‘Would You Rather,’ so I said ‘okay I’m down for it.’ And then this sister says to me: ‘Would you rather your husband sleep with Lee Daniels, with a condom, or Karrine Stefans, without one?”

Mo’Nique and her husband, Sidney, ask viewers if the comment was ‘insulting’ or ‘going too far.’ Sidney adds:

“And when you’re Pro-Black, or portray yourself as a Pro-Black man, how is that helpful to the community to ask? Because anyway Mo’Nique speaks on it, what happens? You’re downgrading the other person. And despite the fact that Mo’Nique and Lee were having a rift at the time, she refused to say anything negatively against him in that regard. She wasn’t gone play that.”

Monique says that D.L. Hughley was not at his show that day, so she called him up to tell him about the game, to which he responded

“that’s just how we do, that’s just what it is.”

She recommended to him on the phone to not air that, and she says it never did.

Monique continued on, saying she has listened to D.L. make various comments about her (and other celebrities like Kanye West) through the years, including comments saying she was “mentally ill,” “psychotic,” and that she and her husband do bad business.

“I watched that brother sit down with that white cat, Vlad, and tell this white man all that I wasn’t as the white man told him all that me and my husband wasn’t. I watched D.L. go in.”

She also clarified that her comment about D.L. Hugley being on the “down low” was a joke and that he got “tender.”

This is all seemingly in response to comments D.L. Hughley made on his radio show about the events over the weekend.

D.L. recapped everything by first, stating he only decided to work with her after consulting multiple people. Ultimately, he says he regrets that decision, stating:

Saying yes to Mo’Nique is an occupational hazard.”

He said that Mo’Nique was late, and she went on stage to ‘eviscerate’ him.

“Not just me, [talked about] Steve Harvey, my wife, my dog later on – let me ask you something. What did any of that have to do with your contract?”

D.L. went on to say that working with her was a “quintessential mistake.”

“It is my fault. I have learned my lesson. And the thing that bothers me the most is that after a terrible couple of weeks, with people being slain in Buffalo and kids getting slain in school – people had come to a comedy show to get away from all their problems, you beseize them with yours.”

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Authored by: Sunny Morgan