Boosie Opens Up About How He Learned Trouble Had Been Fatally Shot: I Cried For Hours Straight On The Plane In My Daughter’s Lap [VIDEO]

Boosie, Trouble

Boosie Opens Up About How He Learned Trouble Had Been Fatally Shot: I Cried For Hours Straight On The Plane In My Daughter’s Lap [VIDEO]

Despite his trap persona, rapper Boosie has opened up about the loss of his fallen friend Trouble, who was shot and killed on June 5.

During a recent visit with “VladTV,” Boosie, 39, spoke on his close friendship with the late Atlanta rapper, how they were raising their daughters together, and the moments after he learned Trouble was fatally shot. Boosie, born Torence Ivy Hatch, detailed his relationship with his friend and collaborator Trouble and explained:

“That was my friend, bruh. That’s who I go to the clubs with, who I talk to every other day. That was always a friend of me, Vlad. [ I] always smile with him, he was different, this was a light skin Boosie. We made music together, but we just talked all night about real sh*t. That was my boy, like everybody know in Atlanta, that was my boy.”

He continued:

“That’s who I did everything with. We were raising all our girls to be friends. In Atlanta, that’s who I f*cked with.”


As we previously reported, Boosie broke down as he delivered remarks at Trouble’s funeral service. The Baton Rouge rapper initially tried to hold back tears at the podium during his emotional tribute to his late friend. Boosie recalled the homegoing service and said:

“Man, I don’t know how that happened. I had my stuff in my head already wrote down what I was gonna say and his momma wanted me to speak for him, and I just f*cked up, man. I don’t even know, bro. I had it down what I wanted to say, but it just ain’t come out right.”

During the interview, Boosie revealed he was on a plane when he learned about Trouble’s death and cried for hours as his daughter sat next to him. He shared:

“I cried for hours straight on the plane in my daughter’s lap, my six-year-old’s lap. It was so sad bruh, I’m crying in my six-year-old’s lap. She kept saying, ‘What’s wrong daddy?’ And all I could think about in my head was him and his daughter. That’s all I could think about, him and his daughter, and me dying and my daughter hurting. That’s all I could think about, crying on my daughter.”


Boosie added:

“And I couldn’t even tell her. I had to tell her the next day — ’cause she knew Trouble — that her uncle Trouble was dead, you know? So man, I was hurting bruh, I was hurting.”

As you may already know, Trouble was visiting a woman’s apartment complex in Rockdale County, GA when his alleged killer, Jamichael Jones, 33, broke into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend and fatally shot Trouble in the chest following a brief fight.

Jamichael Jones, Trouble

Jamichael Jones turned himself into police two days after the fatal shooting (June 7). He was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, home invasion, and battery. Trouble was 34 years old at the time of his death.

We continue to pray for Trouble’s friends and family. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 


Authored by: Ariel Whitely