Cardi B Garnishing Blogger Tasha K’s Bank Account Over $3 Million Owed For Making False Accusations

Cardi B Garnishing Blogger Tasha K’s Bank Account Over $3 Million Owed For Making False Accusations


Cardi B has reportedly started the process to seize property and assets owed by the blogger who falsely accused her of having Herpes and being an escort.

According to, Cardi B has filed paperwork in Georgia to start the process of collecting blogger, Tasha K’s assets and bank accounts.

Cardi B recently filed to garnish Tasha K’s accounts at Chase Bank to try and collect on her millions. The document said the New York rapper is owed a total of $3.3 million from Tasha. Cardi demanded Chase and its employees hold all of Tasha’s property, money, wages and other assets, including property in safe deposit boxes or similar property.

Tasha K, Cardi B

Reportedly, the ‘Hot Sh*t’ rapper demanded Chase Bank answer questions about the amount of money Tasha K has at the institution.

Tasha has reportedly rushed back to the court pleading for the federal judge who presided over the civil suit to step in and put a stop to Cardi’s demands. She argued the appeal is still pending and collections aren’t allowed until a decision has been made.

As previously reported, Cardi B was awarded $4 million after a jury found Tasha K guilty of defaming the rapper with various posts and YouTube videos. In her original 2019 lawsuit, Cardi said Tasha publicly accused her of working as a prostitute in the past and using hard drugs. Tasha also accused Cardi of having herpes. The rapper said the allegations were not only false but caused her emotional distress.

Medical records that were turned over in the case proved Cardi did not have the STD. As part of her repercussions Tasha was ultimately ordered to remove the defamatory videos she posted online about Cardi

It appears tensions are still high between the pair as they recently had a back-and-forth online. Last week, Tasha K started off by accusing Cardi B of stealing songs and stating that she doesn’t have enough new music for a tour.

She even went on to label Cardi an “ex-two-year superstar,” among other things.

Not much else has been said from Cardi B. However, she seemingly alluded that Tasha K was going to have a bad day on Friday (Sept. 16.).

Tasha K continued her conversation during a live stream, where she accused Cardi B of getting plastic surgery to keep her husband Offset from cheating and having to sell her publishing rights because she was going broke.

She opened up with,

“I’m tired of the fake tears that can’t come down because of the Botox to look like your fave. I’m tired; I’m so tired. I ain’t tired of fighting, now, okay?! You know, I’m from the streets, too. I ain’t tired of fighting, now, okay?! We fight ’til God says I can’t fight no more. I’m tired! I’m tired! I am tired of this ex two-year superstar.”

Cardi B

Later in the video, she reiterated that she wasn’t coming up off of a dime until the higher-ups in the battle told her to do so.

“I will not send a check until the appellate court has stated what I’m sending a check for. It’s called having the bread to fight! That’s who I’m sending my check to, okay? The attorneys, the appellate court, which is the higher court. Because you thought this was over. You thought it was just gon’ be just like that. Four million dollars, and I was gon’ pay it… without fighting?! And y’all thought I was gon’ pay it? Most of y’all m*therfuckas even watching this live can’t even afford to f*cking pay it, but I can. Have you seen a donation? Have I asked for a donation?”

Tasha K

Tasha K said,

“I’m a Black woman that got it from the f*cking bottom! I didn’t get it [for] reporting on an ex two-year superstar. I got it for breaking story after story, and what you not gon’ do is you gon’ lie on me. ‘Cause, remember, I don’t need to find you to serve you. Do you understand what I’m saying? I don’t need to find you, ex two-year superstar, to serve you for lying.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole