‘F.N.F.’ Producer Accuses Glorilla Of Going Behind His Back To Sell The Hit Song, Rapper Responds: You Sold It First, I Haven’t Made One Red Cent

Hitkidd -Glorilla

Memphis Producer Hit Kidd and Glorilla

‘F.N.F.’ Producer Accuses Glorilla Of Going Behind His Back To Sell The Hit Song, Rapper Responds: You Sold It First, I Haven’t Made One Red Cent

Glorilla may be “F.N.F.” but the rising rapper isn’t 100% drama free.  

Last summer, rapper Glorilla’s hit single “F.N.F.” had the world “at the redlight, twerking on dem’ headlights.” Now, the track is seemingly at the center of a heated custody battle between the rapper’s label and the song’s producer, Hitkidd


Before proceedings could begin, Hitkidd, whose real name is Anthony Holmes, decided to take his case to the court of public opinion. In the first of his many tweets, he revealed,  

“So basically, these folks are trying to take me to court over ‘F.N.F.’ because they want to OWN the song, BUT they want to own the song to put it on this E.P. which both parties knew.”

Hitkidd Taking To Court

The Memphis producer continued by alleging that Glorilla tried to include “F.N.F.” in her record deal without telling him,

“So, tell me how you gone P.U.T.’ F.N.F.’ in your contract without telling me, AFTER I told you & your MANAGER [every day] that we [were] in L.A. with Saweetie, that labels are going to try to sign you because of ‘F.N.F.’ so watch out. I also told you to let me know when labels reach out so we can be on the same page, but you still went and signed my song without telling me.”

Hitkidd Tweet Saweetie

The producer also aimed his tweets of frustration over the pending legal dispute at 300 Entertainment’s Jenn Essiembre for “telling her boss that Hitkidd was signed to them.” He also mentioned that he advised Glorilla not to hire a lawyer connected to her label – Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG)


Memphis producer HitKidd via interview “On the Porch”

Hitkidd and 300 ENT

In later tweets, Hitkidd spoke of how all he ever did was try to “protect” the “Tomorrow” rapper and “the girls.” He was seemingly referring to fellow rising Memphis talent Slimeroni, K-Carbon, Aleza, and Gloss Up (she recently signed with Quality Control). In the years before “F.N.F.,” Hitkidd made a name for himself regionally through his collaborations with Glorilla and the ladies on songs like “Set the Tone 1&2” and “Hot Potato.” 

Set The Tone

HitKidd, Set The Tone w/ Glorilla, Slimeroni, Aleza, K-Carbon and Gloss Up

Hitkidd and the girls

While he also posted that he “was not trying to make anyone look bad,” Glorilla did not take kindly to any of what he was insinuating, especially as she revealed he sold the song first. In recently deleted posts obtained by theNeighborhoodTalk, she wrote,  

“Ion clear up no rumors unless they say my coochie ain’t FAT. believe whatever clown you want. Ni@@a been salty every since ian sign to Dey label to be a group for $0 smh. One more thing before I log out. YOU SIGNED DA SONG AWAY THE FIRST WEEK (WITHOUT ME KNOWING) FOR 50k BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T KNOWHOW BIG IT WAS GONE BE!!!! SHOULD I KEEP GOING?????”

Glorilla Rumor Tweet

Glorilla, whose real name is Gloria “Hallelujah” Woods, then added that she has not made any money off of ‘F.N.F’,

“N***a done made so much money from FNF. & I haven’t made not 1 red cent (other than shows) but I’m stilll prospering cause guess what??? I CAN RAP IN REAL LIFE & ain’t no mf 1 hit wonder!!!! I WROTE EVERY SINGLE LYRIC IN EVERY SINGLE SONG I EVER PUT OUT & even after all this I still got luv for hitkidd cause we came up together even doe he been going behind my back every since the song blew but dats another story for another day I just hate da fact he had to bring da business to social media when I could’ve BEEN came out about the snake sh*t he been doing to me.” 

Glorilla ResponseJust as it seemed the drama had cooled down after Glorilla’s last statement, Hitkidd’s business partner Kadeem Phillips took to Facebook as well to offer his two cents about Yo Gotti,

“My biggest question is why Gotti just couldn’t be happy for us? Two young Black men from Memphis created something timeless independently by doing good business and smart deals with a group of women who no one would give the time of day but Hitkidd. Why would you not want to tell that story? Why does everything from Memphis need to go through CMG? Why does Gotti have to take credit for everything? Even Michael Jordan had to make room for Kobe Bryant. Why would anyone jump in the middle of something this special and destroy it for his own gain? Why is this the reality of the city? And we wonder why it took us years to get any recognition for our sound look at our so called industry leaders. Anthony Holmes is the future of Music and I plan to protect him at all costs.”  

kadeem phillips

 To which Glorilla responded, 

“Shut you big crybaby gat a$$es up ya’ll like bout everything you da biggest slime out the whole situation he even kno dat but ok”

Glorilla Response

Although the 23-year-old had much to say on her behalf, CMG and Yo Gotti have not yet commented.

Both Hitkidd and Glorilla experienced immense success from the famous song. Glorilla became a household name and later signed with CMG. In addition, “F.N.F.” received co-signs from more well-known rappers like Cardi B and Travis Scott

Additionally, the track spawned remixes and freestyles from rappers like Erica Banks and Saucy Santana. Since its release in late April, the way has gotten over 23 million plays on Spotify. 

Should Hitkidd have aired his grievances on social media or waited for court proceedings? Tell us in the comments below.    


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Authored by: Quita B.