Isaiah Washington Says Aaliyah Was Not A Victim Of R. Kelly’s Sex Crimes: I Think She Was In Control Of That Situation Even At Her Age

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Isaiah Washington Says Aaliyah Was Not A Victim Of R. Kelly’s Sex Crimes: I Think She Was In Control Of That Situation Even At Her Age

Actor Isaiah Washington strikes again! 

The 59-year-old is seemingly facing backlash for stating that singer Aaliyah was not a victim of R. Kelly’s alleged pedophilia but instead making money moves. 

In a recent interview with VladTV, the Grey’s Anatomy actor chatted about his career, including the 2001 movie Romeo Must Die. While discussing the film, Isaiah Washington was asked about his time with co-star Aaliyah. Isaiah Washington — who was 38 at the time — admitted to crushing on the “mysterious” then-21-year-old. 


During his interview, Washington also spoke about Aaliyah’s infamous secret marriage to singer/producer R. Kelly in 1994. According to reports, at the time of the marriage, Aaliyah was only 15 and R. Kelly was 27 years old.

R.Kelly, Aaliyah

Even though R. Kelly has since been convicted of sex crimes, faces additional charges, and has been accused by multiple people of sexually abusing minors, the P-Valley actor believes Aaliyah was not a victim. Instead, he thinks that she was very much in control. 

“She was very in control of her being, but she was a businesswoman too. Super smart. I think she was in control of that situation even at her age.”

As the questioning continued, the self-proclaimed “disruptor” doubled down,

“She was 15 going on 30, so she was in control of that whole situation. I don’t judge her, but she was very smart and very mature and very in control of her situation. I don’t believe one minute that Aaliyah was made to do anything that Aaliyah didn’t want to do.” 

Isaiah faced immediate criticism for his comments.

“Isaiah Washington deserves all the misery he’s suffered. His comments on Aaliyah are giving pedo sympathizer.” 

Aaliyah Isaiah Washington Backlash


“The fact Isaiah Washington can talk that way about Aaliyah, when he worked with her on Romeo must die is so damn right disrespectful and disgusting.”

To stay out of the fray, the interviewer, Vlad, denounced his guest’s statements on Instagram,

“For the record, I disagree with Isaiah on this. That’s why I brought up Aaliyah’s age at the time.” 

There is no record of whether Isaiah met Aaliyah before the filming of Romeo Must Die or while she was with R. Kelly. The actor also has not responded to the backlash.

This is not the first time the actor’s commentary has landed him in hot water or even out of a job. He was let go from Starz P-Valley over controversial comments he made about Vice President Kamala Harris. In 2007, Isaiah was also fired from the hit show Grey’s Anatomy for allegedly making a homophobic slur.

What do you think about Isaiah Washington’s thoughts on Aaliyah and R. Kelly’s marriage? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Authored by: Quita B.