‘RHOP’ Star Robyn Dixon’s Spouse, Juan, Named In Sexual Assault & Blackmail Lawsuit Against A Coppin State Basketball Player 

Robyn & Juan Dixon

‘RHOP’ Star Robyn Dixon’s Spouse, Juan, Named In Sexual Assault & Blackmail Lawsuit Against A Coppin State Basketball Player 

Robyn Dixon and Juan Dixon seemingly have more on their plates than a second trip down the aisle.

Head coach for the Coppin State University basketball team, Juan Dixon, is being sued for allegedly being aware (and ignoring) of a sexual assault and blackmail of one of his players by another player-turned-coach.

Former Coppin State guard Ibn Williams filed the 15-page lawsuit on Wednesday (Nov. 2) claiming the University’s assistant basketball coach catfished him online. Ibn Williams — who played for the team from 2018 to 2020 — alleges Lucian Brownlee provided him with intimate photos and texts amid blackmailing him into recording an adult film. Allegedly, Lucian Brownlee publicized the footage when Williams refused the sexual encounter. 

Robyn Dixon, Juan Dixon

The lawsuit filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court alleges Lucian Brownlee — a former guard who served as Director of Player Development and Director of Basketball Operations — tortured, harassed, and sexually assaulted Williams before publishing the intimate tape he obtained from the student.

According to the suit, Juan Dixon — a former professional NBA player — was notified about the assistant coach’s behavior but failed to take action. Williams was allegedly questioned harshly and threatened to have his financial assistance terminated. Daniel “Donny” Epstein, Williams’ attorney stated:

“The way he was treated was abhorrent.” 

Sharing that building their case has been successful despite the anonymous blackmailer, Daniel Epstein said:

“Our strong belief is that Lucian [himself] was the catfisher.” 

Epstein shared his thoughts on the 44-year-old coach ignoring the incident:

“The coach should have known better than to put this person in a position of seniority.”

The complaint also states that Coppin State University — whose policy on sexual misconduct prohibits rape, sodomy, quid pro quo, stalking, sexual exploitation, coercion, and retaliation — also failed to rectify the situation. Reportedly, when Williams requested an investigation, a lawyer for the university traumatized him with questions about his sexual past and orientation. The school eventually terminated the basketball player’s housing and tuition assistance. Epstein said:

“It’s cringeworthy, the questions that he was asked.” .

The attorney shared that Williams completed the semester by working remotely, then transferred to another school to finalize his degree. Below is a view of  Williams‘ previous basketball statistics:

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill