Kanye West — Producer ATL Jacob Claims He Has Yet To Receive Compensation For Working  On Rapper’s ‘DONDA 2’ Album

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Kanye West — Producer ATL Jacob Claims He Has Yet To Receive Compensation For Working  On Rapper’s ‘DONDA 2’ Album

The list of people Kanye West allegedly owes money to is still growing.

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, ATL Jacob (real name Jacob Canady), touched on contributing to at least three of the tracks on Kanye “Ye” West’s eleventh studio album DONDA 2, which was released in February.

Despite putting in his time and effort on “Pablo,” featuring Future and Travis Scott, “Keep It Burning,” featuring Future, and “Louie Bags,” featuring Jack Harlow, the producer said he has yet to receive compensation.

DONDA 2 was never made available through digital service providers; instead, it is only available on Kanye West‘s Stem Player device, which is currently the subject of a legal dispute with KRS-Boogie One’s Down Productions.

ATL Jacob claims that DONDA 2 on the Stem Player is comprised of unfinished demos, meaning that people who paid $200 didn’t actually get their money’s worth. The hit producer brought up the fact that Ye doesn’t even actually own the Stem Player, which was raised in the court documents for the BDP unauthorized sample litigation.

If the music is made available to the general public before ATL Jacob receives what he’s owed, then he might be filing his own lawsuit against the controversial rapper.

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While ATL Jacob acknowledges that he learned a lot during production while working on the album, he remains confused about when and how he is getting paid — and he isn’t the only one.

As previously reported, several former Yeezy workers have come forward with their own stories and experiences of working in the “cult-like atmosphere.

Their employment allegedly involved 12- to 15-hour workdays, irregular or late payments, and abrupt terminations for minor infractions. In fact, a 2015 event left one former employee both fired and speechless. According to the insider, Ye frequently played his own music in the office but after someone recommended playing something else, he asked for additional suggestions. He allegedly scanned the room before picking a random employee and inquiring about their preferences.

They said,

“I thought, ‘Oh, he’s a rapper, I should probably mention some rap.'”

According to reports, the former employee proposed playing Drake‘s music, and well,

“Big mistake—the next day I was fired.”

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Even worse, it seemed like many workers were constantly struggling to get paid by the rapper/fashion designer. Insiders claim that the corporation has a payment problem because some customers were supposedly required to wait months for their Yeezy checks to clear. Disgruntled workers at one point staged a “mini strike” to demand fair compensation because the situation had grown so aggravating.

Like ATL Jacob, some employees allegedly still haven’t received a paycheck.

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